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Social Media: Use It or Lose It?
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Social media has altered the way we communicate in our professional and personal lives. The greatest impact is the fundamental change in travel marketing. Consumers actively use social media to research travel destinations, read reviews, and communicate with and about prospective destinations. They’re able to bargain for better pricing packages, as well as improved travel accommodations.

Is social media just a passing fad or is it the foundation to your fortune? Let’s look at how social media has affected the way vacation rentals and hotels advertise their properties:

  1. Social sharing

     Social media has opened the door to consumers sharing their experiences with one another. With social sharing at an all-time high, sites like Facebook and Instagram give patrons the opportunity to immediately share their vacation experience with family and friends. According to American Press Institute , 88% of millennials get their news from Facebook. 76 percent of those millennials are visiting social media sites to see what their friends are talking about and what’s going on in their lives. This online activity can work for or against you. The best way to keep this process positive for you and your business is to ensure your visitors will have the time of their lives while staying at your vacation destination. Make sure they have everything they could possibly want or need while at your property. The last thing you want is someone posting a picture of your bare kitchen with a caption reading something like, “All I wanted this morning was toast. I can’t find a toaster.” Yes, those little details matter. User Generated Content is one of the most widely accessible advertising campaigns. It spreads far and wide. Use this to your advantage! Make sure your customers are happy! Let their pictures do the talking!

  2. Research

    Millennials use the internet to research just about everything in their lives, focusing a majority of their attention on future travels. Finding the best value and experience is their goal. They rely on peer recommendations through social media posts and online reviews. According to tnooz , 95% of travelers read online reviews before booking. That’s a staggering amount! Having a user-friendly website with positive reviews, beautiful photos, and an impeccable advertising strategy can make or break you. When designing your website, remember these three things: Easy to use, easy to share, easy to remember. The last thing you want is your future customers stumbling across another website because they couldn’t remember yours!

  3. Interact

    Customer service and brand satisfaction are imperative! Millennials crave attention and instant gratification. You’ll need to make sure your social media presence is active and immediate. Respond to questions and complaints in a swift and sincere manner. This will develop a strong relationship and loyalty with your current and future patrons. Humanize your online presence . Ensure your customers feel wanted and appreciated. It will keep them coming back for more!

While these three ideas aren’t all-inclusive, we’ve set the foundation for your decision on whether to utilize social media in your advertising. Obviously, these sites are being utilized in staggering amounts. Use it to your advantage. Build your audience. There’s never been a better opportunity to reach so many people so easily and free of charge! Start snapping pictures with cute captions! Happy posting!

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