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Delighting Your Guests with Social Media
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Social media, as we all know, has been an important marketing tool for your vacation rental property. If used in the right way it can help attract guests and keep guests engaged even after they have stayed at your vacation rental. When competing with other vacation rentals you have learned that it is essential to keep your guests happy and wanting to return. And not only do you want repeat guests, but you want guests to tell their friends what a great place your vacation rental is and get them to stay there too.

So yes, word of mouth is still a big deal even within the internet age. So how do you keep guests happy after their stay is over, get them to come back and get them to tell their friends? The answer is that you must continue to build a relationship with your customer by seeking to delight them. Delighting your customers and guests could help you create binding relationships for repeat and even lifetime customers.

So how do you use social media to not only promote your service to new guests, but also continue to get past guests to engage with you? Here are three ways you can continue to delight your guests with social media, enticing them to book another stay or recommend a friend.

  1. Strike a balance: It is essential for you to obtain a balance of promotional and engaging content for your social media platforms. Also keeping it relevant to the platform  you are on can be important as well. You don’t need to be promotional all the time. You should be posting for interaction. Ask your guests questions about their experience, their favorite part of your vacation rental, etc. Get them to share with you.
  2. Ask for photos: Seeming interested in their experience will speak volumes, but asking them for fan photos can make them seem important and be a part of what you are all about at your vacation rental. Asking for these photos shows that you are invested in their bliss and are curious about what they wanted to capture and keep forever. It is also a good way to show future guest what your vacation rental property is all about because you are getting photos of all different kinds of people and different perspectives. Also fan photos can work for you by showing the aspects of your vacation rental that people are enjoying.
  3. Give them rewards for connecting with you: It is important to keep your guests happy, even after they have already left. Reward those who frequent your location and continually come back.  You can also have specials for first time visitors as well, but having a special for your regular guests will make them continue to come and tell their friends about the perks of staying with your vacation rental as opposed to another. Posting about specials on social media will reward those that are engaging with your posts regularly.

All in all, the use of social media isn’t just for promoting your service to attract your guest but keeping them involved so that they will continue to engage with you and revisit your vacation rental property. It is a tool for all stages as a good bit of people are on at least one social media platform. It is a great way to communicate with your current and former guests.

How do you go about using social media to effectively delight your guests? We can help! Contact us today and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to speak with our social media experts.

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