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Companies That are Crushing it in Customer Service on Social Media
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Customer service is one of the most important parts of your company. Having outstanding customer service is the key to having a successful and profitable company. Some companies become greedy and forget that the consumer is the one that makes the company profitable.

They make the mistake of neglecting or ignoring the needs of their customers. Profitable companies are usually those that rank number 1 in customer satisfaction, going above and beyond for their consumer. These companies present their customers with innovating and engaging ads, while giving their customers what they want. Who are they? How are they killing it in social media?

Ulta Beauty

Founded: 1990

Followers: Instagram 5.2 Million, Facebook 3+Million, Twitter 630.2K

Before Ulta Beauty was a major retail giant, it was known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. until January 2017. Ulta redefined its brand into what it is today by broadening their products. They also opened their doors to all different brands of cosmetics, skin care lines, men and women’s fragrances, and hair products. Ulta Beauty is now one of the biggest beauty stores, selling high-end and low-end beauty products. And as a bonus, their stores come equipped with a beauty salon inside!

The Ulta brand is now very known. If you like makeup and hair products, you know what Ulta Beauty is. Armed with a customer reward program, great coupons, and awesome sales, the company now has a good customer base. Ulta has reached their consumers with beauty made affordable. Ulta now carries all kinds of famous brands like Morphe, NYX cosmetics, and even special hypoallergenic brands!

Ulta is making it fun to reach their customers, with a large following in almost all available social media outlets. Ulta enjoys being involved with their followers, as they remind them that beauty is enjoyed by all people of all walks of life. They are constantly engaging with their consumers. Here’s just one example:

With their many sales ads and mashup deals, their memes and makeup tutorials, they constantly keep their feed entertaining.  They also cater to their entire audience by showing people how their makeup looks on all types of skin colors. Ulta has gained a great deal of followers because of their customer service practices. They continue reaching, going above and beyond for their customers.


Launched: April, 2006

Followers: Instagram 14.5 million, Facebook 38 million, Twitter 15.9 million

Music platforms have been around for some time. Now we have the freedom to listen to music without having to use cassettes, CDs, or having to listen to commercials as you wait for your favorite song to play on the radio. Spotify has provided its customers with the flexibility to listen to the music they like whenever they want to. Spotify is a wonderful example of intuitive customer service. They allow you to help yourself by making their platform user-friendly and anticipating the needs of their audience.

At 191 million users (followers) and 87 million paying users, Spotify is making listening to music enjoyable and accessible to all their customers. Giving their customers the ability to take Spotify where ever they go and throughout all platforms and media outlets, like PlayStation, Xbox, PC and cellular phone carriers.

Spotify has an aesthetically pleasing presence on social media. They rely heavily on eye-catching graphic photos and video, which is statistically proven to engage audiences more:

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.50.18 AM

Mix this with their lightening fast response time to consumer inquiries, they rock social media!:

Spotify has made the customer the main focus of their product. No matter the genre you like, Spotify has what you are looking for.


Founded: December, 1994

Followers: Instagram 14.5 mil, Facebook 38 mil, Twitter 15.9 mil

The gaming industry is one of the oldest technology industries out there. Video game companies like Atari, Dreamcast, Nintendo, and etc brought their customers a whole new world of adventure and entertainment. PlayStation is one of the oldest gaming platforms still around. Introduced December of 1994, PlayStation has been captivating their customers with their storytelling. As technology advances, PlayStation has been keeping up with the times, even diving into the realm of virtual reality. They have been bringing their customers great gaming experiences for 23 years.

PlayStation has made their name bringing their consumers innovating games and new consoles. With such foresight, PlayStation continues to show their customers they can keep up with modern technology. PlayStation continues to expand to new areas, as their customers have become Youtube stars. They share their gaming skills, engage and connect with their viewers, and reach their followers through social media by PlayStation sharing. Normal players can also share their PlayStation activity, which social media lovers like to use.

Playstation has taken a unique approach to customer service on social media. They created a Twitter account that they heavily advertise: @AskPlayStation. The entire account is set up with tutorials and FAQs. This resource allows their customers to answer their own questions and also get lightening fast support without ever having to pick up the phone.

This approach is a fresh way to handle customer inquiries, which also gives structure and organization.

In conclusion, social media continues to grow and continues to be one of the most affordable ways for companies to introduce themselves and their products. Companies still need to strive to reach customers and get a better understanding of their needs. Putting time and effort into looking what will work to get their company on peoples radars is a labor that pays off.

Not only do these companies need to reach their customers, they need to keep them. That is why having great customer service is important. People will stick by a company that treats them well. Having a loyal customer base will help any company expand and become more well known.

Who knows what the future holds for businesses, social media, and customer service? One thing’s for sure, social media is here to stay and people will continue to use it to stay connected to the world. It makes sense for businesses to utilize it to reach people and keep people. Social media is innovating, cheap, and it can reach the whole world. As we move to a more digital world, many more companies – big and small – will join on this trend.

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