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3 Ways to Become the Authority for your Resort Location
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Building trust is key when becoming the authority for your resort location. Giving your guests valuable content, using language they understand, and getting them to take steps in the right direction can help you become the authority of your resort location. A great place to begin is to assess how easily your guests can find you and how you can make it even easier for them to find you. Here are three ways you can increase your chances of being found and becoming the authority of your resort location:


Search engine optimization is arguably the first step to becoming the authority for your destination vacation. Optimizing your website for search engines will make it easier for your guests to find you on the internet. When you type something into a search engine it looks for the most relevant, useful, and trustworthy answers. It then generates a list of results based on the popularity and authority of the websites. You can optimize using keywords and creating content around those keywords. Local search can also help boost your SEO. By adding your city/state in your title tags can help improve your local relevancy and help you be associated with your resort location.

Write consistently and frequently

Being consistent and frequently posting content can increase engagement and traffic to your website, helping you become the authority for your vacation destination. Use keywords to aid in the optimization of your blog posts so that they can be found by search engines as well. Long-tailed specific keywords are often 10 times better an option opposed to short general keywords, which you will have a harder time competing for. Make the value you are offering to your readers clear. You want your blog to attract their attention based on what they searched for. So make sure after they read your blog post they feel that something has been added to them, rather than demanding something from them. You can also use internal and external links that are relevant to the topics you are writing about. This will show that you are genuinely trying to add value to your guests. It builds trust, which can go a long way. You can also earn links into your website. These links can be analyzed by search engines to see how authoritative your website is.

Use social media to build new connections 

Social media is useful in any part of your inbound strategy, but it is especially helpful when trying to build new connections. You need to make sure you use social media to meet your guests where they are. So if they are on Facebook, make sure you are too. Meeting your guests where they are can help drive traffic to your website. It’s a good idea to have a content plan for your social media so that you can promote the right content on the right channels to ensure you are engaging with your specific guests. This will help you communicate your company’s brand and values, deliver content that adds value, and you provide relevant content based on the platforms you chose to use.

Becoming the authority begins with making sure your guests can find you by optimizing your website and content for search engines. Next, you must build trust by giving your future guests content they want to read by writing about what they are searching for. Last, you need to connect with your customers where they are. Social media helps you connect with your current guest and future guests, increasing traffic to your website and becoming an authority for your resort location.

These three ways will help you become an authority, but it takes time and effort to build trust to get there. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business.

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