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Will you be tracking Santa?
a santa clause figurine with the words will you be tracking santa?

As Santa will be here very soon, it is fun to see exactly what he is doing and where he is at any given moment. It adds to the whole Christmas experience, especially for the kids. Santa trackers are a fun way for you to spend time with your kids this Christmas. They will love watching the magic unfold before their eyes. Aside from Santa trackers there are also other magical sites that will prove the existence of Santa.

Let the magic begin.

Santa Trackers:

  • Google Santa Tracker. Google has created an entire virtual North Pole . You can explore the whole village and learn with the elves. You can even watch gifts drop into Santa’s bag at mission control. In another part of the virtual town, Mrs. Claus will brief you on Santa’s mission. There are interactive games and more. Each day of December offers something new as the countdown to Christmas begins. On Christmas Eve be sure to go back and track Santa’s journey throughout the night.
  • Norad Tracks Santa. Norad’s tracker also offers a North Pole Village with interactive games, with a new one everyday. They also have a music stage where you can listen to Santa’s favorite songs, a library where you can discover Christmas traditions, and a theater where you can watch about Santa’s mission. Come back Christmas Eve, as well, to track Santa all night.

Other magical sites:

  • Reroute Santa. If you are vacationing and won’t be at your house for Christmas, this site will give some reassurance to your kids that Santa will be able to find them. Reroute Santa lets him know where you will be at Christmas.
  • Catch a Character. Prove to your kids that Santa was at your house delivering gifts. With Catch a Character you can use stock photos of Santa along with your own personal photos to make it look like Santa is putting presents under your tree.

As Christmas is already magical, why not add a sprinkle more? With the power of technology anything is possible. We hope you enjoy tracking Santa this Christmas, making the magic come alive this holiday season.

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