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Why Your UAV Company Should Have a Crisis Plan
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Why your UAV company should have a Crisis Plan

I realize it’s never fun to think about- or plan for- a disaster, but it’s a reality that situations can go south, quickly- and a lot of times without warning. The same way a car owner buys insurance to cover damage that MAY occur in the future to their vehicle, the smart business owner prepares a crisis plan to handle the worst possible crisis that MIGHT occur in the future.

Sure there are some business owners who may say they’ve written crisis plans in the past and they simply sit on a shelf or in a drawer and gather dust. Yea, there’s some truth to that (and they are some of the lucky ones) but, remember, most insurance policies are also put in place for things that never happen and they too sit in drawers gathering dust, but you still bought them, right? Of course! Because you can’t predict the future!

Over the past two years alone we have seen numerous changes within the drone, UAV/UAS industry come about. The drone industry is evolving at a rapid pace, everything from needing an FAA part 333 to operate commercially, to the proposed NPRM regulating commercial use expected to be finalized this year (2016). Don’t let an unforeseen crisis cost you your drone / UAV company.

Here is a simple outline when starting to map out your crisis plan for your drone company:

Decide who should do what:
A few examples include…

  • Official spokesperson
  •  Media facilitator
  •  Fact checker

Determine the best place for each of them to be when crisis arises:

  • Headquarters
  • Field office or branch office
  • Media centers
  • Crisis site

Draft Contact List:

List phones numbers and locations for each person and their designated role description.

Distribute and review the plan:

Lastly, distribute the plan to each responsible party. Do not store all copies within the main office. The people who will be expected to use the plan need to be familiar with it.

Periodically, you’ll want to review and update your drone business crisis plan. Roles, contact info and main designated players could change in the future and you don’t want to be caught with an outdated plan. If you aren’t sure where to start with your crisis plan, contact our drone public relations experts here at Captevrix. You are not alone, we are here to help!


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