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Why you should be using Responsive Emails
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To begin, I just wanted to let you know that email isn’t a dead form of communication. As a matter of fact it has become more popular as people now continually get emails straight to their smart phones, tablets, and laptops with ease, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

So, when you send an email you want your customers to be able to open your email on all of these different platforms and for them to have the same effect no matter where they are opened from. That’s where the ‘responsive’ element of the responsive email comes in. A responsive email is merely an email that will respond to the device that it is opened on, thus making the email easier to read and interact with. Instead of readers having to zoom in and continuously scroll just to try to read your email, using a responsive email template will ensure the email is able to be read no matter the device it is opened on.

Therefore, responsive emails will help you better communicate with your customers, increase open rates, and click rates, thus increasing overall interaction in your email marketing efforts and your inbound strategy.

Valid Communication:

Email is still a very valid form of communication. Many people actually prefer it. Most people open emails on their phones, making it convenient and practical. Not to mention nearly everyone has an email account. It helps continue to close leads into customers and maintain and nurture customer relationships. You want your email to add value to the reader and give them a great offer. However, if they have a hard time reading your email they will simply delete it and all the value you wanted to give them will be lost.

Open rate:

Responsive emails can help improve your open rate across the platforms that your emails are being opened on. While the open rate generally only tells you the effectiveness of your subject line, the way that it looks when your email is opened can affect future open rates. If your emails are hard to read on different platforms then you are creating a pattern of inconsistency, which could harm your future open rate.  People will then associate your email as a waste of time. They will  have to spend their time trying to decipher what the email is trying to say all because the original format of the email was not responsive to the the device the email was opened on. While this can be a useful metric to track it – it is not as important as your click rate.

Click rate:

Using responsive email can improve your click rate as well. Click rate goes a little more in depth. It not only shows that people are receiving and opening your emails, but that they are actually engaging with your emails and the offers that are in the email. Seeing an improved click rate will tell you that there is an offer that your customers are interested in and tells you that you are creating content that your specific buyer wants to read and engage with. It is the hope that the offer within your email will be clicked on, showing that readers are interacting with your email.

All in all, adding responsive emails into your email marketing will prove to increase opens and clicks in your email. Readers will be able to read emails from all devices and will no longer become frustrated from zooming into small text and constantly having to scroll up, down and over, just to read your email. Having great responsive email campaigns can help with your inbound strategy and help nurture leads into customers and also help to continue to delight customers you already have. Visit these other blog posts to learn more about email marketing . Or you can contact the experts directly by scheduling your free consultation today.

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