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Why Getting Reviews in the Dreaming Stage is Important for your Vacation Rental Property
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The dreaming stage is the stage of the travel process in which your guests are dreaming of their recent perfect vacation. This is the last stage of travel, so it is important to get your resort in the minds of those who are in the dreaming stage. In this stage your guest is still in paradise mode and longing to go back. You as a vacation rental property manager need to plant in their heads that they need to take a trip back to your property as soon as possible.

Here is why it is important for your vacation rental property to get reviews in the dreaming stage:

  • Get your current guests engaging with you early on in the travel process. As this is the first stage of travel it is a good idea to start interacting with future guests right off. Using social media and blogs to get them to interact with your content and offers early on can be really beneficial to you as your future guests go through each stage of travel. Giving them educational content about the area of your vacation rental property can really spark ideas in your future guests heads of where they want to vacation. Getting comments and shares on your posts is a start to getting reviews from dreamers. You then know they are actually wanting to read your content. Shares, positive comments, and subscriptions to your blog all show that your future guests like the content you are putting out there.
  • Helps you push them through the entire travel process. After deciding comes planning, booking, experiencing and sharing. You don’t want your guests to only interact with you after they have stayed at your resort. You now can create more content for those who are in the early stages of the travel and buying process. Keeping them interested in your vacation rental property from the very beginning will help you when it is time to close your leads into guests.
  • Past reviews spark new reviews. When future guests see that you already have glowing reviews and see how you quickly respond to negative reviews ensures them of the great customer service skills that are present at your vacation rental property. Seeing how others enjoyed your vacation rental property can help sway others to try it out, or at least interact with your website.
  • Grab their attention while they are still thinking about you.  Once your guest checks out and heads home, that is the time to try and get that review. Ask about their stay while it is still fresh on their mind and they are longing to go back.

Reviews mean that your future customers are already engaging with your vacation rental property. Use your current reviews to show the dreamers how great your vacation rental property is according to those who have already stayed there. Reviews speak volumes about you as a vacation rental property and could set you apart from those who don’t have reviews or those who have negative reviews that are not being addressed.

Creating engagement early on the travel process can be difficult unless you have the right content to attract these future guests during the dreaming stage. Remarkable content is key to sparking reviews earliest stages of travel. If you need help creating content for any stage of the travel process our marketing experts are happy to help.

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