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What You Need To Know About Email Marketing
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Let’s get to the point of this blog as you only have a few minutes to scan this and maybe a few more to actually read it, right? We are all busy and we all want to know what we should be doing when it comes to getting more customers.

Most of the marketing gurus talk about hypotheticals and generic information that leaves you with a puzzle that you are still trying to figure it out. Lucky for you, I love to spill the beans and teach what I can. So, what do you need to know about email marketing in order to get it right?

I am sure by now you have read that you have to have an awesome subject line. Capitalize each word and don’t use spam words like free. But have you read about what has worked?

Appeal to your audience – do you know who you are talking to? Lucky for me, I relate to most of the folks I am writing to when it comes to email marketing, they are women in their prime time. Nope, not gonna tell you my age.

For my hospitality clients, I have written subject lines like, “You Asked For It” “As You Wish” “Rumor Has It” “The Mountains Are Calling, You Gonna Answer” “Your Toes Are Having Beach Withdrawals.” To add to the fun in these subject lines we will throw in an emoji at times. I suggest testing this as we have learned that some markets don’t care for them, whereas others love them! Just depends on your fan base.

Make it personable. You have their email, you have their name, tell them hi and use their name. Easy right?

Next, give a call to action, but not all the time. It’s great when you get communications that are not always wanting you to do something but simply giving you information. Like a packing list reminder. Those are great when you are not used to the climate you are headed for. Who knew you had to drink so much water in the mountains, right?

Another great tip, make your email from a person, even if you have to invent one. We understand the high turnover rate in this industry, so go ahead and make up a name for consistency. Having your email come from info, rentals, management, etc., just isn’t personable. Today’s customers are spoiled and they want that extra attention, or at least make it appear that way.

Last tiny tip which is often missed – reply to. Ensure your email marketing system allows the customer to reply to you and of course, you should answer them within 24 hours. When they reply to your email, that means you have their attention and the conversion for an email marketing campaign doesn’t get much better than that.

This short little blog has pretty much given you everything you need for a successful email campaign, except for me writing it for you. Good luck and let me know how you did.

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