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What You Need to Know About 2016 Marketing


As marketers we are constantly having to educate and reinvent ourselves on the latest revolutions in the marketing world. The new dawn of digital and rise of social media has changed the landscape of marketing. Next year we will have all kinds of new tactics to embrace in our 2016 marketing plan. Below is a list of trends and tips to know about 2016 marketing before this year comes to an end.

Digital Assistants like Siri & Cortana will take optimization to a new level

Siri and other digital assistants have their own search algorithm, which will continue to become more sophisticated in 2016 and years down the road. With the uprise in smartphones usage it is only natural that people will begin to adopt the use of voice search. So what should you do to prepare for this change? Pay attention to social media outlets. It seems digital assistants find social media activity important. Also, make sure you have claimed all your business listings. And lastly, optimize your content for mobile by using conversational language. The use of informal phrases or questions tailored for a voice-based search request.

Embedded Video Ads in Google Search

It seems video ads will be very dominant in 2016. We are constantly seeing ads featured on YouTube or Facebook, but now it looks like Google is jumping into the game too. Instead of only featuring text ads in google search results, they will start embedding video ads for 2016. When coming up with a 2016 marketing plan, you may want to watch for the release of Google video ads.

Google’s New Search Algorithm 2016 marketing SEO

Even though Google’s RankBrain has been fully live for a few months now, the company just recently confirmed it in November. So will it change SEO best practices for 2016? RankBrain is meant to help Google better understand sentences (meaning & sentiment). For example, If your keyword is “Best Vacuum”, think of it as “What is the best vacuum?” Thoroughly answering questions in your content will help RankBrain recognize your article as best choice for the keyword.

These 3 new trends will be essential to know about 2016 marketing. So go ahead, continue to strategize for the future and see how things evolve from there! Happy Marketing!


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