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What It Takes to Go Viral
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Going viral. That’s only for famous people right? Yes, the existence of the term ‘going viral’ is typically reserved for the famous and the lucky. This is still true for those who get thousands to millions of views and likes. But don’t fret, going viral means more than just being lucky. Though there is still no magic formula to create viral posts on a whim, there is a way to consistently create engaging and interactive posts that will attract the audience you want. Therefore, think of it as going viral within the specific audience you want to reach.

To do this you can follow these 3 steps to determine what it will take for you to go viral within your specific audience:

  1. Know your audience: Knowing your audience is everything. If you can’t reach who you want to reach then who do expect to engage with your post? Write and share content based on what your audience wants to see. Most audiences want content that is engaging and interactive. Teach them something, be inspirational, and funny. Give them content specifically tailored to them. It will resonate with them and they will be more likely to share the content you have shared with them.
  2. Experiment: Sometimes you just have to try and see if something will work. Yes this is guessing, but ‘educated’ guessing. Sometimes we think our audience will love something so we share it with them. Then we turn around and see that they absolutely hate it. Lesson learned. Don’t used content like that again and try something different. Next time you may get a more positive response.
  3. Plan: Effort. Timing. Originality. All these things are part of the planning process. You have to be consistent and patient because the results you want may not happen on your first try either. Creating a plan is the first step. This way you can track what does and doesn’t work. It gives you a place to actively brainstorm and come up with relevant and original ideas. Make an obtainable goal for yourself, because as I stated earlier, going viral is all relative to the amount of followers you have and the goals you have for yourself.

So there you have it. Going viral within your specific audience helps you be seen by people who are actually interested in your business. Our team of experts can help you with your social media presence so that you can get in front of the audience you want to reach. We have many different solutions. Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the ones that are right for you.

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