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What is more important in your resort email marketing: Your open rate or your click rate?
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Email marketing is growing as a valid and successful way of closing your leads into customers and keeping your customers happy. It is a channel that you own and can use to reach many people at once.

When you write your emails you want to make sure you are reaching your specific customers. You can use CATs to ensure the success of your email campaigns. CATs meaning you have the right Content, the right Audience, at the right Time to ensure the success of your email campaign. You want to nurture your leads into customers by sending them content offers they want to open and engage with and offers that give them value.

But how do you know your email campaign is successful? What metric is most important when measuring the success of your resort email marketing? Open rate or click rate?

Open rate only tells you the effectiveness of your subject line. While this can be a useful metric to track it is not as important as your click rate.

Click rate, however, goes a little more in depth. It not only shows that people are receiving and opening your emails, but that they are actually engaging with your emails and the offers that are in the email. Seeing an improved click rate will tell you that there is an offer that your customers are interested in and tells you that you are creating content that your specific buyer wants to read and engage with.

Do you need a boost in your click rate? Here are a few things you can do as a property manager to improve the click rate of your emails for your resort email marketing:

  • Know who you’re writing the email to. Knowing who your specific buyer is and what stage they are in the buyer’s journey will help you segment who you want to send a certain email to and what content offers should be within the email. When you know where your guest is in the buyer’s journey then you will be more effective in reaching who you want to reach through your resort email marketing. For example, a guest in the consideration stage will not want to read the same things as people in the decision stage. Those still considering may want content that tells them what sets a good resort apart from a bad resort, thus they are receiving emails that are still promoting educational content. Those in the decision stage may want to read content on the special offers they can receive by being a guest at their resort since they have already decided to be a guest at your resort.
  • What is the purpose of the email? You need to have a clear goal when writing your emails. Do you want to convert leads into customers or are you sending this email to delight those who have already been guests at your resort, enticing them to recommend you to a friend or return for another visit. You need to make sure you know why you are sending an email, so you can measure the end result.
  • Does your specific buyer want what you have to offer? After you improve your content and offers based on the new knowledge you have on who you are writing to and determining the purpose of your email you can then go back and check your click rate and check for improvement. Because you now are focusing on engagement and you should see improvement in your click rate and in return be able to repeat the results you gained the next time you go to write an email.

We know that creating the perfect email campaign can be time consuming, but it is a good way to interact with your customers and get them to engage with you. Captevrix helps companies of any size establish relationships, ensure retention and build credibility through their email marketing campaigns. We invite you to schedule a free consultation today and to get started on an email marketing plan for your resort.

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