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What is a Marketing Offer?
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You’ve attracted traffic to your landing page and you want people to share information about themselves so you can convert hits to leads. You need a marketing offer to entice your visitors to share their information with you. What does an offer involve and how do you know what to offer visitors to compel them to share their personal information with you?

What Is A Marketing Offer?

A marketing offer is a free product or service of value you give in exchange for people completing a call to action. An offer can be an ebook, podcast, membership benefit, coupon, trial period, checklist, guide, app or any other vehicle that provides information, service, or product at no cost to your potential leads. They are paying you in information.

You can make different offers available at varied points on your site paired with CTA targeting people at various parts of the funnel. A guide to area attractions may appeal to someone just beginning their vacation search, enticing them to share their name and email. A coupon will have greater pull for someone who is further along the process and they may be willing to share more personal information to get it. There is no limit on how many offers you choose to make available, but maintain high quality with each offer you extend.

While it doesn’t directly pitch your business, there should be some overlap between your offer and your business and it can subtly enhance the value of your business.You can highlight the attractions within a certain radius to your business, your specific business model as opposed to a competing business model, or focus on aspects of your business segment that appeal to a targeted market. Good market offerings are helpful, general and low pressure rather than salesy. You want a sexy marketing offer , something that people will feel deprived of if they don’t respond to your CTA.

Why Do You Need A Marketing Offer?

  • Most people have learned to be discriminatory with sharing their information. They aren’t going to fill out a form with their contact information just because you want them to. The perceived value of your market offering will directly impact how much information people will be willing to share with you.
  • Delivering on the promised value may be your first opportunity to make sure someone wants to return to your site to continue learning more about your business. It’s also an opportunity to start building trust in your brand.
  • Offers paired with a CTA allow you to build profiles of leads so you can market to them more effectively.
  • Looking at lead profiles collectively allows you to determine where interest is heaviest and create content accordingly.

Analytics don’t tell you anything about the needs and wants of individuals browsing your page. You need people to complete calls to action for lead generation. Marketing offers are the most effective way to get people to perform CTA and convert hits to leads.

So what are you waiting for? Start building that offer today and start gaining guests that you can market to over and over again.

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