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Vacation Rental Managers: Are you catering to Millennials?
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With the ever changing industry of vacation rentals it is important to keep up with the newest trends and target those following those trends. Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997 are currently the largest living generation. They know how to work technology and identify themselves as being travel experts. Recently they seem to be leading in the trend of choosing vacation rentals over traditional hotels. They are doing so at higher rate than any other generation.

Here’s what some of the results of the survey said:

  • Millennials also lead the way in preferring vacation rentals over hotels. 44% prefer staying at vacation rentals instead of booking a basic hotel.
  • They extend business trips into vacations. So after the business part is over they explore the area rather than packing up and heading straight home.
  • They value being connected. While other generations seek to disconnect on vacation, millennials want to connect in order to share their experiences with their friends.
  • They are more than just tourists. They tend to refer to themselves as travel hackers, seeking out authentic experiences that make them feel like a local.

Staying up with the latest and greatest will show millennials that you value them as guests in your vacation rental. Then in return they become frequent guests, tell their friends, and have a great potential to interact with your social media pages.

Are you catering to millennials? Or maybe you just need a little extra help reaching out to them? Our experts can help you get started. We offer solutions in social media, reviews, inbound marketing, and more. Schedule a free consultation today. We are ready to discuss what solutions that are right for you.

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