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TripAdvisor Issues Warning Badges
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You may have recently heard about TripAdvisor getting into a bit of hot water when they removed claims of sexual assault on its travel forums . Don’t get the forums confused with reviews as this is not seen directly in a feed or once you click on particular property.

After quite a bit of backlash from travelers, participants and the news, TripAdvisor has issued their “warning badges” as some folks are calling it. This could be detrimental to a lodging property!!! Of course I understand why they are doing this, but as a member in the audience at a recent FVRMA event, someone had said, “It’s not fair, these review platforms and online travel agencies just don’t play fair!” It’s true. Many times we know the guest is simply trying to get something for free or blew things way out of proportion for unknown reasons to the property manager. Have you seen the reviews of folks complaining about the thread count on their sheets?

TripAdvisor Adds Warning Signs

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that they want to warn you that there might be allegations against employees of wrongful doing at a particular property. I feel for those people that have had something horrible happen to them while they are trying to enjoy their vacation. But why did TripAdvisor feel they could easily remove these posts in the first place when they won’t remove items that are clearly false after a property submits proof? Or if a vendor stays at the property and wants to write a review, they don’t allow that review? But they can remove these posts because it doesn’t fit with their family-friendly atmosphere?

Back to the message box that could possibly be placed on your property’s listing if it has claims of theft, sexual assault, rape or discrimination. The box itself doesn’t state what exactly the allegations are, but this is more than likely what it is referencing.

This message box could be listed on the accused property’s listing for up to three months or longer if TripAdvisor feels it is necessary. I am still not sure how I feel about this message box or the way that TripAdvisor is going about this, but I encourage you to stay on top of your reviews and make sure that each and everyone of them is responded to. Take your guests complaints seriously as the wrong guest could cause more headaches than one would care for.

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