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Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Resorts
the top 5 marketing strateges, for records

The best marketing strategies for resorts are multi-faceted. If you only use one or two digital marketing options, you are missing out on potential customers. A coordinated strategy connects you with new customers and helps you stay engaged with past customers to draw them back.

Flowing Content

Wherever you market your resort, be consistent. You don’t have to write blog posts everyday or post on social media every hour, but you definitely don’t want to be engaging customers and updating regularly for a brief time only to go MIA from that media source for weeks or more at a time. You want your customers looking for your next post, not giving up on you and moving on to fresher things or viewing you as unreliable. If you struggle with consistency, it may be time to delegate your weakness.

Travel Directories

When people plug in most travel keywords, travel directories are what rank on the first page.  Rather than listing on many travel directories, selectively choose a combination of major travel directories and directories that target your specific genre. If someone types in a search for bed and breakfast locations, bed and breakfast directories show up first. Only list your resort with directories you will check regularly for reviews. People love to leave reviews almost as much as people depend on reading reviews to make informed choices. Responding to reviews shows customers you care about their customer experience.


Your website is your interactive brochure and also serves to bring the other marketing strategies for your resort together. Since people use their phones to connect so much now, your website needs to be easy to navigate on a phone. It’s easier to design your website to fit the format of a smartphone screen and let it adjust automatically for larger screens than it is to design for a computer monitor screen and try to make it work for mobile too.

Social Media

Most people are on one social media platform or another. Social media is one of the best marketing strategies for resorts to engage in ongoing relationships with customers. You ask questions, respond to customer interaction, and post about your resort, specials, and interests in your area. Your customers respond to your posts, share their photos, post reviews, and share your page and posts with their friends. Customers with a connection with you are more likely to return.


SEO is another of the key marketing strategies for resorts. It isn’t just about using the most popular keywords. The good news is if you’re doing the other items on this list, it helps your SEO efforts automatically. Fresh and quality content, traffic, click throughs, a page and site that is relevant to your keywords, and inbound and outbound links all combine with the use of intentional keywords to rank on search engines. Using long tail keywords allows you to rank for more specific searches by customers who your resort is a better match with than using only short tail keywords targeting a general audience. It sounds complicated because it is. An entire segment of books is published about SEO and it’s constantly being updated, but we can help you navigate the algorithms.

At first glance, the words and some of the outlets used to market a resort catering to retirees is going to look different from a resort catering to the family vacation experience. A deeper look reveals the underlying marketing strategies for resorts share the same marketing principles for success.

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