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How Smartphones Have Transformed the Way We Travel
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Smartphones have definitely changed our lives. For better or worse, that’s up to you. On a whim we can look up appointments, check emails, and call people. Smartphones have changed how we do certain things and have definitely changed how we live our lives. For one, smartphones have transformed the way we travel. With easy access to the internet because of the smartphone, the possibilities have become endless.

Vacation rental managers that fully embrace this change will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come along with it. Let’s check out the facts from The Next Web and see what this transformation in travel means for you.

We are our own travel agents.

Internet and smartphones are to thank for that. Making reservations have become a breeze. Find where you want to stay, book online, and your done. With the invention of smartphone apps and responsive website templates, the booking process is quick and easy. If your vacation rental doesn’t have an app then a responsive website is crucial. This way your potential guests will be able to easily view your website and book no matter what device they are on. Being mobile friendly is essential since most consumers are their own travel agent these days. Almost 52% of Americans do all of their travel booking via smartphone. That is more than half! Therefore, these people will most likely skip booking with you if your website isn’t smartphone friendly.

We use our smartphones as a travel buddy.

We use them to access word of mouth. TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. are often accessed from smartphones. People are checking reviews (electronic word of mouth) with their smartphones to see which vacation rental has the best reviews, thus the best value. When they find the perfect vacation rental they then use their smartphones to find what to do and where to eat in that area. Also, smartphones are our #1 travel companion. We prefer to travel with them rather than leave them behind.

Smartphones give us easy access to social networks.

Nowadays we use our smartphones to share our experiences via social media rather than unplugging while on vacation. According to hospitalitynet there are more than 200 million reviews and opinions posted on TripAdvisor to date. There are also more than 800 million active users on Facebook posting updates and sharing images. Therefore, it is important and highly relevant for vacation rentals to take advantage of social media.

So now what? Now you need to ensure that you are taking advantage of the opportunities that smartphones offer your vacation rental. That means you probably need to get that responsive website, take control of your reviews, and be more active on social media. Yes, this is a lot for just one person to conquer. Luckily for you, our team of experts have experience helping vacation rental managers like you take control of their website, reviews, and social media. Schedule your free consultation today to learn about the different solutions we offer and find the one that is right for you!

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