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Promoting Your SaaS Product in an App Review Directory: What You Need to Know
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Searching reviews of a new product has become an important step in the buying process. Both B2B decision makers and regular consumers use reviews to inform them before making purchasing decisions, especially for larger products. In fact, 84% of people trust an online review as much as they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.

There’s actually a market for companies who exist solely to collate reviews and compare various products. These review companies have popped up for a variety of industries – including the SaaS industry.

One of the best – and underrated – ways for product marketing is to get featured on a review directory.

Why use review directories

It might not seem intuitive to seek out review directories to get your product listed on. However, making sure your SaaS product is listed on these sites can be a massive boost to your overall sales and marketing, as well as your tech branding.

For starters, being included on the list and having reviews about your product shows others that what you’re offering has been tested. It demonstrates that others have heard of you. The more reviews you have, the more reputable your business appears to be, which will help in convincing potential customers to try out your product.

Additionally, promoting your SaaS on a review directory provides the benefit of giving you valuable feedback from people who have tried your product. When your article is featured on a list, it’ll be tried and reviewed by your customers, and you’ll have an easy way to view and categorize feedback.

When you’re deciding which SaaS product review directories you want to try, it’s essential to investigate your sources and make sure the review sites are legitimate and get enough traffic for your listing to be valuable.

Top review directories

There are plenty of websites that are SaaS review directories. However, not all of these websites are created equal. Some of them don’t use SEO appropriately, and few people review and interact with them. There’s not much of a point in listing and monitoring your product listing on a site that few people will see or interact with.

The following websites are some of the more significant and more trusted review sites. They show up better on Google searches and are a go-to resource for people searching for reviews for SaaS products:

For most of these sites, you’ll need to sign up and register as a business. This usually entails providing basic information about your business as well as descriptions of your product.

Setting up your product to be reviewed on a review website is relatively easy to do. But you’ll want to make sure that you don’t simply leave your posting on the website – it’s best if you can work the SaaS review sites into an overall customer review strategy.

Develop an ongoing review promotion strategy

All customer reviews can be helpful and a great way to gather feedback and informative data about your product. Listing your SaaS product on a dedicated review platform is a great way to promote your product. You’ll have the most success when you develop an ongoing promotion strategy surrounding reviews.

  • Interact with reviewers – Decide on a few platforms to promote your product on. Once you’ve made a listing for your product, find out what their policies are about answering reviews. If you can respond to reviews, make sure that you consistently do so. It doesn’t have to be an extended response – even something as simple as “Thank you for the feedback!” will do just fine. This shows that you’re a company who is responsive and professional. It will help build trust with your customers and your prospects.
  • Share your profile – That’s right! Share your product’s profile on the review app to other locations such as your website, social media, etc. Showing your customers and prospects where they can find reviews about your product helps to foster trust and transparency.
  • Reward reviews – Many companies are offering rewards and incentives for reviews about their experience. This is a great strategy. Giving your customers an incentive to submit a review of your product is a great way to engage your customers and let them know you value their voice.

Review directories are a great way to promote your product. As a part of an overall strategy, posting your product on review platforms will give you valuable insight into your customers and help boost your promotion goals.

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