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PPC: How to get Started
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Pay-Per Click ads are ever increasing in popularity. You see them almost everywhere. You understand how PPC works and want to get in on the game everyone seems to be playing. You want to use PPC ads to get more qualified traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates. Your only question is where to start.

How to get started with PPC is as easy as establishing the who, where, and what.

  • Who: Who do you want to advertise to? This question sounds easy enough, however it needs to have some thought put into it. Determining your specific buyer starts with creating a buyer persona for your business. You may have several or just a few. Therefore, you need to determine who they are before you start your PPC ads so that you can create the target, a specific buyer persona. Targeting a specific buyer persona will help you get more qualified traffic because you are targeting your ad to the specific person that you know will be enticed by your message. Starting with this can save you a lot a trouble in the end. If you create a message before you know who it is going to be sent to, this could be problematic as you could use the wrong language and not attract who you intended to attract with your ad. 
  • Where to advertise: You should use PPC on platforms that your customers use. Being where your customers are will be beneficial to you and help you save your money and put you on the path to getting qualified traffic. Being somewhere your customers aren’t will only waste your time and money because the traffic you obtain will not be from the kind of people you want to target. From Facebook to Google and even retargeting there are many ways to get your ad in front of the right people to ensure your buyer persona is met where they are. 
  • What: The ‘what’ is the next step. This is where you create specific content for the ‘who’ you want to advertise to. You have determined who they are and where they are, so now you need to determine what you want to tell them and how to tell them. What message do you want your PPC ad to have so that your specific buyer will click on it? What do they want to be offered? These questions can be simply answered by knowing who your customer is, as you saw above. Once you know who they are you can better speak their language and write content to reflect how they communicate. You understand the kind of words they use, therefore you can determine the kind of words they will be likely to respond to. In addition to words on the ad, it is also important to make the ad visually appealing. Make sure you aren’t overwhelming your buyer with too many words or too many colors. Too much going on in your ad is never a good thing. Keep it simple, but make it pop as well. 

Starting with the who, where, and what can help you on your way to creating some awesome PPC ad campaigns that give you the traffic and conversions you seek. As with many things, the process stops people in their tracks. After the who, where, and what, there is more to figure out before you can move forward with launching your campaign. Even with these things established, you may want variety. Or maybe you aren’t a graphics expert and don’t know how to make your message appealing to your buyer. There are always road blocks, but using a PPC specialist can take a load off your already busy schedule. For more information, take a look at our PPC services so that you can be on your way to seeing the results that a PPC campaign can offer you.

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