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Marketing FAQs: Our 3 Most Frequent Questions, Answered
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To many, marketing is a mysterious beast. A beast whose techniques are ever-changing, whose strategies evolve by the minute, and whose constantly rotating algorithms are virtually impossible to keep up with if you’re not dedicated to it 24/7.

That’s where we come in to save the day. Being a marketing agency dedicated to our clients’ growth, we are always researching and figuring out the nature of the beast so you don’t have to.

Being experts in inbound marketing leads us to receive many – and I mean many – questions. We’re always happy to answer them! Here, I have compiled some of the top questions we receive daily.

Why Do I Need to Blog?

Marketing FAQs: Our 3 Most Frequent Questions, Answered

For many business owners, blogging is time-consuming and last on the list of important items in running your business. But we’re here to tell you, that’s just not the case. The reason for blogging is simple: This day and age, consumers want to come to YOU for information. Providing relevant content is what puts you on the radar – not just reputation-wise, but also physically with SEO.

Imagine this: You’re a landscaping company that doesn’t blog. I’m a consumer, searching for the proper way to plant roses. I get on my computer and start Googling. I find a blog about how to plant roses – written by none other than your competitor. Now, your competitor is viewed as a great source of information. They’ve demonstrated their expert knowledge of planting and landscaping to me – and quite frankly, they now have a leg up in getting business from me.

But let’s go even further. Besides what I personally think of them, now that my Google search has lead me to them, Google is going to find them a little more relevant, and as that happens over and over, just like that, they’re ranking a little higher – maybe even higher than you. All because of their consistent blogging.

Do I Need to Worry About Social Media?

Marketing FAQs: Our 3 Most Frequent Questions, Answered

Short answer: YES! For much of the same reason as the need to blog. Have you ever wanted to look up the best business to do a service for you, and you find yourself on their Facebook page? You start scrolling, and they haven’t posted since 2011. Are they even open anymore? Are they still doing what they do? Does nobody even talk about them or communicate with them on their page? And you find yourself wondering why – all while clicking off the page and moving on to someone else…. NEXT!

Keeping your social media up-to-date maintains your relevance – and since Google indexes Facebook pages, it’s also helping your SEO.

And it’s not just about posting, either. It’s the interaction you have with your past, current and future customers. Laughing with them, socializing with them, answering their questions – it’s what gives you a friendly reputation and humanizes you, and in turn, makes your followers feel you’re a great company to do business with.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Marketing FAQs: Our 3 Most Frequent Questions, Answered

A team of marketing experts; including Graphic Designers, Web Designers, an SEO Specialist, Content Specialists, Writers, Social Media Managers — it’s gotta cost a fortune, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, it costs significantly more to pay just one in-house marketing person’s salary.

So if you’re looking to hire someone to handle your marketing, you may want to consider going with an agency, such as Captevrix, that can offer a multitude of different expertise while working with you one-on-one and partnering with your company just like we work in-house. Contact us for a free consultation. We can teach you where your strengths and weaknesses are in your marketing strategy, and see how we can help grow your business!

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