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How Video Marketing Can Set Your Tech Company Apart
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Some tech companies, like SaaS companies, have the unique challenge of marketing products that are not tangible. You’re selling people on an idea and a piece of technology that they can use and your job as a marketer is to make the connection between your audience’s need and how your product can fulfill that need.

Video Marketing and Tech

One of the best ways to help you both accomplish this task and set your company apart from the competition is to make the connection between a problem that your audience experiences and the solutions your product can bring. Video marketing is an excellent way to bring that connection and the possibilities of what your product can do for them to life.

The research is in: video is a powerful marketing and sales tool

Video marketing and video content in general has taken off in the last few years and is promising to only increase in effectiveness. Audiences respond especially well to video content.

In fact, did you know that having video on a landing page leads to an 80% increase in conversions? Over half of all customers who see a video about a product online are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video about it.

For tech companies, this is especially important because video can be a great way to help your customers visualize your product and demonstrate how your product will help their everyday lives or business needs.

Using video marketing is going to be increasingly important for your tech company to stand out. If you want to create an effective video marketing strategy, there are some important things that you’ll want to keep in mind. Simply using video for your content isn’t enough these days. You want to be intentional about how you incorporate video into your overall marketing plan.

Use videos to tell a story

One of the top reasons why video content is so effective is that it’s an inherently dynamic way to tell a story. With the combination of sound and moving images, videos are a great vehicle to give a human face to your tech company.

One great way to use video marketing for a tech company is to make testimonial videos. Interviewing customers who love your product and telling the stories of businesses that your tech supports helps your customers see the connection between your product and success. It creates and inspiring narrative that builds trust and connection to others.

Demonstrate solutions and give information

One of the top reasons that people search online is to get information and answer questions. Decision makers in B2B companies are using video content to do research. Producing helpful videos (such as how-to or other instructional videos) is a great way to make sure your target audience sees your content – and trusts your company. Building trust – especially as a tech company – is a vitally important element to successful marketing.

The more you can build trust and establish yourself as an industry expert, the more likely you’ll be to continue to build your customer base. In tech fields especially, trust is an important factor when customers make a decision.

Utilize social media platforms

People on social media are much more likely to pay attention to and share video content. Making sure the videos you create are informative and engaging means they’re more likely to be shared on social media. Social media presence is an important factor in marketing success – and video content lends itself well to being shared on a variety of platforms.

Extensive research demonstrates that video based content receives more views and shares than other types of content. Edit your videos with social media in mind to increase the level of interaction they receive. Keep the following best practices in mind when creating videos that are more likely to be shared:

  • Short – Make sure your videos are no longer than 3 minutes if possible
  • 5 second rule – The average attention span is only 8 seconds! It’s a good idea to make sure you hook your audience within the first five seconds
  • Call to action – Don’t forget to end your video with a summary and a call to action asking people to share your video, sign up for emails, or visit your website.

Video marketing is an incredible tool for your tech business. Video marketing will help you and your company stand out as an industry leader. Following the steps we’ve outlined here will help you create a video marketing strategy that will boost your business and market reach.

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