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How to Tell a Story About Your Brand That People Want to Hear
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Storytelling has long been a part of us as humans. We tell stories everyday, typically seeking some kind of emotional response. So why should our online storytelling be any different? As our marketing efforts are shifting more and more online it is important to harness our storytelling skills for the web, especially on your social media. Using storytelling as a branding tool will help your online presence seem more human and give your visitors a more valuable experience.

Why Storytelling?

According to AdWeek, storytelling remains to be one of the most powerful tools to engage your customers. Basically what they are saying is that storytelling connects people. Being a brand that people can connect to is important in this fast paced world. It shows that your brand has a human side. Leveraging this basic tool can help your customers understand what you are all about.

How do you go about telling this story?

The how seems simple enough, but it does take some thought. Here are some tips to help you get started telling a story people want to hear.

  • Be Original.  Of course if you want to convey your brand’s story it needs to be original to others. This is your chance to be creative!
  • Be Personal and Relatable. A personal story tends to be more relatable. This is because someone may be able to pull from a shared experience thus triggering an emotional response.
  • Don’t Shove Your Product In People’s Faces. This goes back to the selling without really selling. Showing people what you are all about will build trust and in result drive them toward learning more about what you have to offer without you having to be pushy.
  • Consistency. Consistency is key to any strategy. Making sure the story you want to tell is consistent will help your overall brand image. Your story should have a consistent message. Different messages will only confuse your visitors.
  • Consider Your Audience’s Values. What kind of people visit your website or interact with your social media? What kind of values do they hold? This is all important in how you will frame your story. Framing your story in such a way to appeal to their values will help you reach your audience where they are.

So there you have it. Storytelling is not out of style in the least. Using it to your advantage can really help your brand’s image. Giving your audience a story they want to hear will help convey what you are all about, giving your business a more human side. Remember storytelling is a branding tool that can be used to create valuable experiences.

Do you need more help with your brand? Contact us today and start telling people what your brand is all about by creating an engaging and memorable experience for your audience.

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