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How to Make Sure Your Company Stays Relevant

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Instant gratification. That’s what today’s techy world has driven its inhabitants to expect. It’s a world where the internet is being delivered via drones, cars drive themselves, and you can apply for a loan at 3 in the morning. The internet and its counterparts change everything – including the way businesses stay relevant. Companies that understand this, stay ahead.

Here’s what continually relevant businesses practice:

They Adapt Digitally

We all know the internet is great. The answers to all of life’s mysteries are but a few keystrokes away. Research shows that about 57% of a purchase decision is made before the customer even talks to a supplier . That means sales personnel need to change their tactics, marketers need to change their strategies and businesses need to personalize their goals.

And the changes are not slowing down.

Fun fact: over 70% of businesses on the Fortune 1000 are new within the last decade. These successful businesses have websites that are responsive on mobile devices, are search engine optimized and offer an array of creative content that people actually care about. They have forms and landing pages and pretty buttons. They have videos and high definition pictures and active social media accounts. More importantly, they cater to a digitally driven consumer.

They Have an Effective Marketing Strategy

I wouldn’t go so far as to say print is dead. I also wouldn’t say that radio and TV are ineffective marketing platforms. However, through all the clutter of everyday marketing, there is one source that attracts a third of the global population – of course, it’s the internet.

Successful businesses realize the importance of a digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days of outbound marketing. It’s all about Inbound Marketing – and you’ve probably been involved in the structured, customer nurturing process without even realizing it. That’s what Inbound is all about. As wonderful as the Billy Mays’s of the world are, people just get tired of being yelled at.

Inbound Marketing is a protector against disruption.

This method attracts customers before they’re even ready to buy, or know that your company exists.

Here’s a great example of how this works:

  • I’m a dark-haired gal with a pixie cut, and I’m feeling bold. I want to bleach that puppy but don’t know how. I hop onto Google and type, “how to bleach short hair”.
  • Like most searchers, I don’t even bother looking beyond the first page.
  • I click a link that catches my eye: How to Safely Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde | Bellatory
  • The link takes me to a wonderfully written blog. I read it. I share it with my gal pals on Facebook.
  • Since I enjoyed the blog so much, I explore the rest of the website to find that they sell a plethora of fashion accessories and beauty products.
  • The buying commences.

This was a real search on Google. The Bellatory offers countless educational resources for both men and women of all different ages and creeds. That is why they appeared on the first page of Google and, more relevant, why they’re closing deals.

Change can be tough. You can’t go 2 months without your latest and greatest smartphone becoming outdated. But, isn’t the relevancy of your business worth changing for? For more information on this and the Inbound Marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call! We’ll answer any questions you may have.

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