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How Fan Photos Can Help with Your Resort Marketing
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Fan photos add to the promotion of your resort without you having to do much at all. Sound too good to be true? Here is how fan photos can help with your resort marketing: 

More content that doesn’t cost you.

Having guests share photos of their trip attributes to more content you can share on your social media pages and website, with little cost to you.  These photos will spark content that your guests want to read because it is showing real people having a good time at your resort. This kind of fun content is great for helping with your resort marketing. This content comes to you with little effort, as there is not enough time in the day for you as a property manager to constantly take updated pictures of your resort. All you must do is express to your guests that they can send you photos of their trip to be posted on social media and your website. Many people love to share the pictures of their trip online, anyway. So, this is another easy way for people to share their trip with others, while at the same time helping with you resort marketing.

Produces more guest engagement.

More content leads to more potential traffic which can lead to more leads and guests coming to your resort. With this content comes more engagement and interaction with your social pages and website. This connects them to your resort and leads them to engage with your social pages and your website pages. This increases engagement with your guests, thus improving your resort marketing  by engaging your current guests, enticing them to come back, and promoting your resort to other potential guests.

Attracts your specific buyer.

Fan photos are great at showing ‘unstaged’ photos of your resort and how ‘real’ people are enjoying it. It provides a new level of engagement for your guests. As a result you can expect increased engagement. This engagement will most likely be engagement of your specific buyer because the content is being created by your guests. Therefore, you can expect more repeat guests and new guests alike because of the new type of content that is being created to attract the kind of guests that you want to attract. Your buyers are creating the content for you, thus attracting others who are similar to themselves, attracting your specific buyer with this essentially free content that you have now posted.

Shows you the aspects of your resort that people are enjoying the most.

With fan photos you can see the parts of your resort that your guests are enjoying the most. This can be helpful in improving your resort. You know what they like and what they do not like based on the photos they share with you. Therefore, you can then determine changes that can be made to improve your resort to fit your specific buyer’s needs, thus helping your resort marketing.

To find out more about how you can improve your resort marketing, we invite you to contact us to discuss the solutions that are right for you.

Fan photos can be a valuable tool to help with your resort marketing. They are fun representations of your resort that get people engaging on a more personal level. Since you may not have time to take a bunch of photos of your resort and need permission from the people you photograph, why not skip these steps and let the fans do all the work for you?

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