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Give someone the “Bird” via a text!?

Have you ever wanted to just give someone the bird in a text message?  Well, on Monday, Unicode announced that 250 new emojis will be added to the original keyboard.


While a single list has not been published by Unicode, the Washington Post compiled a list by going through multiple sources.  Emojipedia has also provided a list of the suspected new icons.

Android and iPhone users will also soon enjoy others to include “Beach With Umbrella”, “Pen over stamped envelope”, “reversed thumbs up sign” and over 240 more new emoticons.

We all use emojis today to get our point across and they have become somewhat of a language. Just to name a few of the most used emojis; 😂 laughter with tears of joy, 🤣 rolling on the floor laughing, and ❤️ the red heart that is used in almost any occasion.

This new addition, while a little rude in nature, will surely be used by many!

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