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Facebook Pages App Has New Features
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For those of us that rely heavily on the Facebook Pages App to manage multiple pages, the new features are a great addition. I personally manage 30+ accounts and depending on the time of year it can get pretty hectic, but I love it!

I had heard that some changes were coming to the Pages app but wasn’t aware that it would be pushed last night. I found out early this morning while running late for work. Not the best time to find out what was going on with the app as I had posts to attend to. Yes, we respond on behalf of our clients from early in the morning until late in the evening, and weekends to boot. Crazy, right?

I clicked that cute little flag and to find this:


So of course, I’m thinking ‘how do I get to all my notifications, I don’t have time to thumb through all this.’ I quickly discover that the notifications are now located in the top right on the world. What I was looking at was a snapshot of recent events. Kind of cool, once I figured out what was new and responded to the guest’s questions and interacted with guests that complimented us on our posts. But wait! There’s more!


I now see my latest engagements – if I’m in the red or green. After all, we do our best to keep those arrows up and in the green right? Not an easy task, that’s for sure!  I also like the fact that I can quickly click to see where all my recent mentions and shares are. But wait! There’s still more!

3.pngNow it shows me the most recent posts with its most recent stats and I can easily boost them right here! I used to just browse the feed and push the small boost button, which is not easy as everyone’s thumbs are bigger than that tiny button, mine included! I also like the fact that the button itself is bigger, because it is easier to see when I’m not wearing my glasses.

I’ll admit I was not happy about all the changes because it took me a whole 10 seconds to figure out what I needed to click in order to do my immediate job at that moment. Once I took care of my clients and took a few minutes to check out the new features, I was pleasantly surprised and happy. I think the Captevrix social media geeks will actually enjoy the changes.  After all, if you don’t enjoy changes, then marketing is not for you.

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