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Facebook Is Improving Their Ads Once Again
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At Captevrix, we have experienced great results with Facebook advertising. Everything from boosting to lead generation. Today, Facebook launches new additions to their advertising options:


Easy to use directions:

Many retailers have websites that include a map directing its consumers on how to get to them, but not all are mobile friendly. Facebook is aware of the challenge and I believe it will serve local mom & pop shops well. Using local awareness ads allows your business to bring people to you. These ads show consumers stores nearest to them with applicable calls-to-action, like “Get Directions.”

I believe this will serve retailers well as it can be quite frustrating being forced to leave the app, only to go to another app to figure out how to get to the suggested retailer. The “Get Directions” feature was developed for mobile users and eliminating this scenario.  Without leaving the app, they can view the address, hours, phone number, website, and best of all, how long it will take you to get there.

Measure store visits that are created by facebook ads:

Everyone wants to know how effective their advertising efforts are, including their facebook ads. The latest metrics that have added to their advertising options are the following:

  • Measure how many consumers visit your store after seeing a Facebook campaign
  • Optimize ad creative, delivery and targeting based on store visits
  • Analyze results across stores and regions to plan and optimize future campaigns

Adding these metrics to the current metrics helps the advertiser get a full picture of the true ROI of their campaign.

Facebook campaigns can now be connected to store sales:

Whether the sale occurred over the phone or in the actual store, these transactions can now be connected to your Facebook ad campaign. The Offline Conversion API allows businesses to match the sale from their customer database or POS to their Ads reporting results. This will help the advertiser to better understand the effectiveness of their ads in real-time. One thing to note, you must have a database or POS to track these efforts.

Take advantage of these latest metrics if you are using Facebook ads for your brick and mortar business. It can only give you more insight to your efforts and help you improve your results.

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