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Delegating Your Weaknesses
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As a vacation rental property manager we know you have your hands full on a daily basis, working long hours and weekends. You know you are good at what you do, but there are probably some areas that you may not be the greatest in. It’s important not to skimp on delegating certain tasks that you may not be the best at. ‘Weakness’ shouldn’t be considered a dirty word, neither should ‘delegating’. Let’s face it. You cannot do everything. So how do you start handing over some of your weaknesses to others that may be stronger in those particular areas? From one control freak to another, here is a four step process you can use to start delegating your weaknesses so that you can get the most out of your time.

  • Identify your weaknesses: What is your weakness? What do you feel that you are consistently falling short on? Social media, blogging, marketing in general? The list could go on and on. Another key indicator that you are weak in is that that area is not performing or bringing the results you desire. Frustration is a side effect of this, which will only add to your stress level.
  • Admit you have a weakness: Admitting you have a weakness doesn’t make you weak, they give you more time to focus on your strengths, therefore passing them on to someone else will in result make you stronger. Letting go and giving the task to someone more capable in itself is viewed as a strength. Admitting you have a weakness will open up more time for you to focus on your strengths.
  • Find someone who can take on your weakness: Just because you aren’t good at something doesn’t mean everyone isn’t good at it. You need to find someone who considers your weakness their strength. Find someone who has proven success in the area you are lacking in, then build trust. Building trust with them will make the next step a little easier. However, I know building trust is easier said than done. You may have in mind an interview process that you use and have certain requirements and expectations. Use these to your advantage and be patient, understanding there is a qualified person out there that can help take on your weakness. Don’t forget to also look within. Those that work closely with you may surprise you with the skills they have.
  • Delegate the task: Yay! You found the perfect someone that can take on your weakness as a strength. Now all that is left to do is give them the task. As a manager who is used to doing so much it may be difficult to let go of whatever task you have given away. However, if you have truly chosen an expert in that area then you should be good to go, as you hired this person because they have proven to be successful and trustworthy.

So now that you know that ‘weakness’ and ‘delegating’ are not bad words, you are ready to discover your own weaknesses so that you can open up more time for your strengths.

If your weakness is in the marketing department, we can help! Captevrix is a full service inbound marketing agency specializing in the vacation rental management and travel industry as a whole. We can help you  grow your company by using inbound marketing solutions such as blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, PPC, lead nurturing, web design, and more. Our team of  marketing experts have the knowledge, expertise and creativity to attract and convert the right kind of leads for your business. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today!

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