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Content Marketing is an Adventure
a man standing on top of a mountain with the words content marketing is an adventure

Cruising around the world, backpacking through Europe, climbing Mount Everest, skydiving and bungee jumping have always been on my to-do list. But let’s face it, I’m just a regular person who will most likely never do any of these things. So, I decided to focus on a more down-to-earth “adventure.”

Since I like to write in my free time, I realized one thing: Content marketing can be quite an adventurous undertaking for someone who dares to look beyond conventional boundaries. What do I mean? Well, content marketing isn’t just a journey between two points; it is an amazing, never-ending adventure driven by new technologies, new demands, new publishing options, new Google algorithms and new analytics that are slowly changing our world as we know it – or what we thought we knew about content generation.

Considering the above, if your goal is to create killer content that gets liked, shared, commented on, blogged about and, what’s more, generates new leads, you must have an adventurous spirit to take the plunge in new content marketing trends, regardless of how bizarre they may seem.

The World Is Changing and Content Marketing Must Change with It

As the world is changing and content marketing strategies are becoming less effective, it’s time to embrace a new, more “progressive” approach to building relationships with customers. Today, the “progressive” approach I’m referring to is defined by three words: “digital,” “mobile” and “social.” These words indicate the most radical online marketing trends, which have fundamentally changed the way people search for things, consume information and interact with each other over the past decade.

From a content marketing perspective, these terms actually mean that you should focus not only on telling a good story but also on delivering up-to-date, comprehensive information in different formats, across different channels and in a personalized way. Here is how you can do this:

  • Shift from short- to long-form content: Content providing complete information that eliminates the need to visit other sites has recently replaced the impressive traffic to the websites offering instant answers to questions and information in a succinct form.
  • Consider feedback: Since the content market is saturated already, considering the feedback you receive from your audience will help you come up with unique topics, create valuable, compelling content for your readers and deliver it in the format they want.
  • Make the most of new publishing options: A few years back, Facebook started a new self-publishing trend. Today, many other social and digital mediums, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus, allow you to publish your articles.

Almost every single business that operates online is doing some form of content marketing, sometimes even without knowing it. For instance, sending out emails to customers, running a blog and using social media as a customer service portal are all content marketing techniques. But without correlating things strategically, you won’t be able to develop a coherent content marketing strategy that provides results.

Though you can find plenty of practical advice on how to create a unified content strategy, failing to identify the latest trends and use the right tactics can prevent you from doing content marketing the right way, which will eventually hamper your company’s ability to generate new leads.

At Captevrix, we have extensive online marketing experience, which allows us not only to follow but also to predict new trends and combine advanced web design, social media and inbound marketing tactics into an efficient strategy that will unlock the full potential of the Internet for you. For a comprehensive, multifaceted online marketing strategy, contact us today by calling (855)-978-7018 or emailing [email protected].

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