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Best Marketing Software for Franchise Businesses: Ranked
the best marketing software for franchise businesses

Finding the right marketing software for your franchise business can be difficult. Not only are you marketing multiple locations of the same business, you’re also attempting to convince others to join your company as franchisees. That’s a big ask! You’re asking that new franchisees invest large amounts of money and years’ worth of time and hard work. It’s a difficult challenge, but with the right tools, the challenge can be overcome.

As the world continues to move online, it’s especially important to find software that can support franchise marketing. You’ve got to market both to customers in a variety of perhaps vastly different markets, as well as market to potential franchisees to help your company continue to grow. There’s a lot to balance when marketing a franchise, and you want to make sure any software that you use is up for the task.

We’ve got you covered.

First, some basics. When looking for software to run your franchise business, there are a ton of options. Some are management software only, some only focus on marketing, and some do a little of both. When deciding on which type of marketing software you need, you’ll want to make sure to assess your individual situation and know what you need.

Do you want separate programs for marketing and management? Or would you prefer software that does both? What’s your budget like? How much support do you have from your franchisees?

For a fantastic overview of general franchise marketing, check out this SproutSocial guide.

Now, on to the ranking of franchise marketing software:

1. Blitz Software Solutions

Blitz Software Solutions takes our number one spot as both an incredible marketing and management software program for your business. They’ve got a great, easy-to-use platform and can serve as a central hub for all of your franchise needs. BSS is one of the few franchise marketing software platforms that allow A/B testing and provides excellent marketing reports and analysis.

2. Naranga

Coming in a close second is marketing and management platform Naranga. This cloud-based franchise management/marketing program does it all. It’s got an easy-to-use interface and enables a real-time chat feature between different team members that supports communication. From generating reports to creating promotional videos, Naranga is an excellent one-and-done solution for franchise marketing and management.

3. Marketing360

Marketing360 is only a marketing software, but it’s certainly a solid choice – especially if you already have a great franchise management software. They offer robust analysis, content marketing, and stellar support. It allows for multi-channel marketing and does a lovely job of making the franchise marketing process seamless.

4. mHelpdesk

One of the best perks about mHelpdesk is that they provide both Android and Apple mobile apps in addition to their desktop version, which means that you, your franchisees, and your entire team can be connected no matter where you are. It gives your entire franchise marketing and management process flexibility. The other thing that stands out with mHelpdesk is their stellar support staff. The software is intended to be easy to learn and intuitive, and their helpful staff is always ready to assist any issues you might encounter.

5. SambaSaaS

The great thing about SambaSaaS is that they’re truly optimized for any size or type of business. Whether you’re running a small company hoping to make the jump to becoming a franchise or a large, well established franchise looking to improve your marketing software, SambaSaaS has something for you. They tend to focus on marketing rather than management, but they do a fantastic job at marketing.

Comparing the software

These are our top five franchise marketing software. However, as we mentioned earlier, the process for deciding which software program to use depends largely on several different factors. It’s vital to assess your situation and needs and see which marketing software best matches your business’ needs. Of course, there’s no need to be overwhelmed by the prospect.

Another option is to hire the assistance of a marketing firm like Captevrix that will not only help you find the best franchise marketing software but can also help you implement it and fine-tune your marketing so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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