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7 Stats You Need To See When Planning Resort Marketing

As the digital age continues to progress, resorts and hotels strive to ensure their facility is the first and only choice for the consumer.  Resort Marketing continues to evolve through the use of websites, reviews, social media and online sharing.

It is more important now than ever for your resort or hotel to be visible online and we have created this unique infographic detailing some recent stats.

This process can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to manage your facility, manage the employees, answer the phone, check on the rooms and employee performance and many other tasks you must complete daily.

A good starting point is ensuring that your website is clean and professional, inviting to potential guests and easy to use and make reservations.  This is just the first piece of the puzzle though!

Secondly, a reservation system that flows and allows users to make their reservations online is important.  Think of this, a user loves your facility, gets to the reservation (which is where you want them) and then leaves because the experience is either cumbersome or confusing.  A guest is lost.

The next thing you need to think about is monitoring your reviews.  Your reviews are your guests communicating their experiences with the WORLD!  Here you want to ensure guests are happy.  If they’re not, and there are going to be some that aren’t, you want to provide a response letting the world know that you pay attention to your guests needs. A few sites to monitor for reviews:

In addition to watching your reviews, you want to monitor AND interact with your past and future guests on social media!  This is where the majority of your audience is and this is where most people do their research.  If you are there, you can talk to them.

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