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5 Tools Every Realtor Marketing Properties Needs
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The Real Estate transaction process can be tedious and frustrating!   There are few times when it all comes together without a glitch.

So let’s take the time to process the transactions as easily and smoothly as possible utilizing our time efficiently implementing all the digital tools available.

5 Basic Tools Realtors Need

1 .Marketing Plan . If the customer cannot find you, nothing else matters. Buyers and sellers need a knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated Realtor! Though word of mouth references are helpful, they do not reach the masses. If you need help developing a marketing plan, partner up with a company that specializes in realtor marketing and will bring the specialty to the table.

2.Transportation and Cell Phone – Though it may seem like these are two separate tools, they equally serve you. If you cannot reach your customers verbally or physically to show them properties, your job as a Realtor is dead! So an all inclusive phone plan and a stylish dependable car will literally serve you well.

3.Go Digital – In today’s very mobile and fast paced world, closing the deal needs to happen without delay. A digital signature, like Docusign or others are great for many reasons. Not only for out of state or out of country customers, but also for the occasional time when the car breaks down, or bad weather shows up. Digital signatures will allow the transaction to complete and seal the deal! Online forms save time and money and help expedite the Real Estate transaction process.There are many out there, PandaDoc or Zipform seems to be two that you could always look into.

4.Virtual Tours – This is very popular in Real Estate and gives the customer the chance to see the full view of a property.  All areas of every room are viewed as well as the entrance to the home.  Virtual tour cameras are an industry favorite as it adds to the visual buying experience, allowing customers a process of elimination from the computer, saving drive time for both Realtor and customer.

5.Digital Camera – Pictures are so important in Real Estate. The more pictures a customer can look at online prior to visiting the property can not be understated. It is a time saving element. With everyone being so busy, it is crucial that your pictures are clear and in order.  Customers will most likely not call you if they have trouble viewing.  Phone cameras are good for a quick fix, but having a digital camera is easy to use, can be relatively inexpensive, and gives a better quality downloadable picture. All digital devices only help your Real Estate career move through each step of the process with ease.

Though there are only 5 Tools listed here, the number ONE tool a successful realtor should start out with is a “Customer Service” mindset.

The one thing all customers will remember first and last is, did you treat them right?

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