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5 Reasons Content Marketing will Stand the Test of Time
the text 5 reasons content marketing will stand the test of time

According to Seth Godin, a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and author, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” But will it stand the test of time? Just like any other type of marketing, content marketing is rooted in the very simple concept of demand and supply – if there is demand, supply will follow. With millions of people surfing the Internet every single day, the demand for video and written content has never been higher. But this isn’t the only reason why our professionals expect content marketing to stand the test of time. Read the following five points to find out why we’re confident that content isn’t going away any time soon.

Most people look for information online

The Internet provides an amazing research tool that anyone can use to find the information they need when they need it. This is possible only because some people (like you and me) keep posting content online. If you’re planning to open a new resort property in St. Augustine Florida, for instance, but if you don’t advertise it online, the Internet users will not know it exists.

Content marketing allows companies to establish authority and build trust

Besides providing high-quality products and reliable services, one of the easiest – and most inexpensive – ways to establish authority and foster trust is to create and publish content that educates potential customers on your products and services. In addition, distributing content across multiple media platforms will allow you to give your brand a voice, drive brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, generate more leads, which will bring you more business, and come up with unique strategies to distinguish your company from the competition.

Content marketing enables efficient two-way communication

Content marketing isn’t only about creating and posting content but also about offering your readers the opportunity to voice their opinions. You can easily do this by enabling the “comments” feature on your blog. Encouraging people to leave comments will give you a comprehensive, relevant insight into their problems along with the opportunity to answer their questions and address very specific issues, which will prove your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader. Based on their feedback, you can also come up with more relevant topics that will attract more readers and customers.

Content inspires “word-of-mouth” advertising

Most people love to share great content with their friends. By creating and posting relevant, high-quality content, you’ll enhance your brand image and convince people to share your content even if they’ve never tried your products or services. Getting more people to like and share your content will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Content marketing can help companies make MORE money.

The fact that content marketing brings companies money is well known. What many business professionals may not know is that they can use content marketing to raise their prices. When people find the “best of the best” – which means not only excellent products and customer service but also valuable information from an expert who knows what he’s talking about – pricing rarely becomes an issue. That’s because most customers are willing to pay more for a truly superior experience.

Last thought- each piece of content you create, be it an article, a video, or an infographic, gives you an excellent opportunity to reach and interact with a large audience, generate a lot of buzz over the Internet, get more readers, and leads, and grow your business at a faster pace. For all these reasons and many others, content marketing will remain king; and kings never die.

Ask yourself, what do you have to lose? The only thing content will cost you is your time. Don’t have time to create compelling content- might we suggest contacting an amazing company like ours that can create out-of-this-world content that will engage your audience like we engaged you?

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