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5 Marketing Strategies to Entice People to Travel During the Holidays
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The 2016/2017 holiday season is already turning out to be one of the highest projected years for holiday travel. About 48.7 million Americans traveled over Thanksgiving alone, according to an estimate by AAA . This is mostly due to improvements in the economy like rising wages and increases in consumer spending and confidence. It’s never too early to take advantage of these positive economic conditions to attract more people to your business! Here we have put together 5 highly effective marketing strategies to increase your reservations and customer satisfaction this holiday season.

Photos, Photos, photos!

It’s true that a picture says a thousand words. Especially when it comes to the combination of travel and the holidays, a high-quality photo can elicit the powerful emotions necessary to book a trip. Whether it’s a couple looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or a family hoping for a festive change of scenery, photos can convey a meaning and an experience in a matter of seconds.  

Write, write, write!

Blogging does what photos can’t – increase traffic to your website!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  should be a critical component of your website and blogging endeavors. Without it, it’s not likely you will see significant growth in your business since your site won’t show up at the top of the search engines. Brainstorm what keywords your target market may search for when looking for the perfect holiday getaway, and write blog posts centered around those topics. And just like photos, words can inspire and motivate. Heartfelt articles that are also informational will engage potential customers and earn their trust in your business.

Share reviews from visitors who stayed with you during previous holidays.

This is a particularly powerful strategy because it builds one of the most important factors in someone’s decision to book their holiday travels with you – trust. This time of year can be a sensitive and emotional period for many people, especially when they are traveling with young children who have expectations of what the holidays are like. Sharing positive, real experiences from previous customers will inspire confidence in your business, and it’s this confidence that will ultimately bring you people’s precious time and money.

Offer holiday discounts and package deals.

Simply put discounts and package deals draw people to your website and keep them there. Who doesn’t like saving money? Especially during the holidays when people are already spending their hard-earned money on gifts for friends and family. Ask yourself, what kind of deal can you offer people that will inspire them to spend even more of their money to book with you? Not only does a properly thought out and timed discount increase revenue, it also improves your reputation for being a generous business that people can look to first for good deals.   

Create special offers accompanied by marketing campaigns for singles, couples and families.

This is a particularly relevant tip for holiday travel. All types of family units (and singles) travel this time of year for a variety of reasons. Think about your business and your target markets, and then create special offers and marketing campaigns to entice them to book with you. Is your vacation rental perfect for a family? Offer free or discounted kid-friendly activities when the customer books within a certain time frame. Do you want to cater to couples traveling alone or singles? Promote deals on a couples’ massage or a wine tasting. These are great opportunities to team up with other local businesses and brainstorm ways to offer joint deals that benefit everyone!

The holidays are fast approaching and we are here to help

Feeling overwhelmed or not sure exactly where to start? Is anxiety creeping in as the holidays approach and bookings aren’t steadily improving? Take advantage of our free marketing consultation so we can quickly and thoroughly evaluate your goals and needs, and get you set up on a path to holiday business success!

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