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3 Ways to take your Vacation Rental Property to the Next Level
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You want to be on top. Who doesn’t? The only thing standing in your way is that spark of passion to motivate you to take your vacation rental property to the next level. You have a website, a few positive reviews, and a Facebook. So what do you do to get to the next level? As you begin to have more guests you have to increase your efforts to keep up and push yourself to the next level.

To take your vacation rental property to the next level start where you are, but sprinkle on a little more of that passion that you started with by making good use of your social profiles, blogging, and encouraging guest interaction.

Make good use of your social profiles:

You’re already on a social network, which is a good start, but do you have a social media plan? It’s a good idea to write a plan so that you are consistent in your posting and don’t miss out on the opportunity that social media presents. With nearly 2 billion social media users worldwide, social media is a great tool to take advantage of now. In order to best use social media, you must understand that it can be used to attract, convert, close, and delight guests to your vacation rental property. Make sure you are on the social networks that your guests are using. Don’t lose out on these opportunities! While you don’t have to have a profile on every network make sure you have put in the research to find where your guests are so you can more effectively reach them. I’m sure you have a Facebook, but what about Twitter, Pinterest, or even Instagram to connect with a younger crowd.


Yes. Even a vacation rental property needs a blog. This is a way to attract the target that you are after. Are you after young families? Then blog about the family-friendly activities that are available in the area of the vacation rental. There are endless opportunities with blogging. But as a rule, make sure your content is written specifically to capture the attention of the guests you want visiting your vacation rental property. This will ensure that you get blog posts clicked on and read, so that you can create a sense of credibility with your guests.

Encourage interaction:

You may have a handful of reviews, but continue to ask your guests what they think. Their feedback is an invaluable resource for you to improve the vacation rental property. Their perspective will be different than yours, even if you think you know everything about the property. Good reviews will tell you what you are doing right, while bad reviews may not be necessarily be negative but rather constructive. Bad reviews can show you what you are doing wrong so that a correction can be made and things that may have been overlooked are now in full view. You can also encourage interaction of guests by inviting them to post their own photos to your social sites, or sending them to you to post on your social profiles. The use of fan photos are a free and easy way to show what your vacation rental property has to offer. And the fact that the pictures came from actual guests and weren’t staged shows that your guest are excited to show off the great time they had at your vacation rental property.

If you still need help taking your vacation rental property to the next level, schedule your free, no obligation consultation with our marketing experts today.

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