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3 Ways to get more Weddings at your Vacation Rental Property
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Many brides are often unsure of what they need and if their venue will be able to offer the things they know they want. So how do you attract more people to have their wedding at your vacation rental property? Here are 3 things you can do in order to get more weddings at your vacation rental properties.

Create content for the bride. 

First and foremost, you must understand that the bride is who you want to cater to. She is who you want to attract to your vacation rental property. It is important to be aware of her particular wants and needs. Whether she is the one putting down the money or not, this is her special day and she is the customer. Therefore, you must create content that a future bride would want to read. Educate her on the things she needs to know about when planning her big day. You can do this by creating blog posts giving tips on planning the perfect dream wedding, giving her ideas on what she needs and creating new must haves for her wedding. Once you post this content you will be able to attract future brides to your vacation rental property, as you will be writing to her as a specific buyer, encouraging her to use your vacation rental property as a venue above other properties. 

Show off what you have to offer. 

Promote your vacation rental property as a prime wedding venue, along with it being somewhere to stay for vacationers. Tell the bride what you can offer to her as a wedding venue. Does the venue have a beautiful view? Does it include things like chairs and tables? Is there a big enough area that can double as a reception area? Do you have any specials for brides? Specials are especially attractive to a bride looking for a venue. She has already considered many other costs at this point in her planning process. If you are able to offer her a special she will be more likely to click and see what your vacation rental property has to offer. Showing that you have special packages just for weddings will set you apart from just merely being a place for vacationers, but also a venue for beautiful weddings. This shows her that you are more than just a vacation rental property, but you are also a wedding venue. You can show off your offers on your website with a special section for wedding specials and use social media to post about your special offers.

Ask previous brides to share their experience.

Getting others to share their experience with your rental property will help prove to future brides that this location is perfect for them to have their wedding as well. Good reviews of your venue will show that others had pleasant experiences and would recommend it to future brides. By asking past brides to share their photos of their special day, it can help the future bride visualize the potential of your vacation rental property for her wedding. Reviews also spark interaction not only with past, current, and future brides, but friends and family that attended the wedding at your property as well. The future bride will see your glowing reviews and will be moved to visit your website and social pages. Once the bride has interacted with your website or social pages, she will be aware of the kinds of things your vacation rental property is able to offer her as a wedding venue. She will then be able to visualize herself being married at your vacation rental property.

You are now on your way to getting more weddings at your vacation rental property. However, these three ways may seem easier said than done. Promoting your vacation rental property as a wedding venue can take away your time from other important tasks you have as a property manager.

We are here to help. To find out more about how you can get more weddings at you vacation rental property, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help!

Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes, with a high variety of venues and a list of ever increasing options. It can be an overwhelming experience in choosing a venue for a wedding. Therefore, how you promote your vacation rental property as a wedding venue will determine the amount of weddings booked at your property.

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