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3 Tools to Help Boost Your Aviation Marketing Plan
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Do you ever need a little help to get your creative juices flowing? Sometimes us marketers hit a wall and need a little push to get us started again. We all need help from time to time. So, if you’re in the aviation marketing world and looking for an extra boost to your marketing plan, here are 3 tools to get you going in the right direction again.

Social Media Tool

Struggling to come up with daily social media posts? Or maybe you wish your content was more engaging like other posts you see throughout the day on social media platforms. Post Planner will help make your life SO much easier. This website will help you find scientifically proven content that will enhance your engagement and drive more traffic to your site. Post Planner will show you top performing content/status updates regarding a hashtag or topic you search. Cut your social media marketing time in half so you can start concentrating on other things.

Blog Topic Generation Tool

Not sure what your next blog topic should be about? With Oz Content you can find better content ideas in less time. Oz Content uses data mining search engines to find relevant articles, videos and images for your target audience. Their algorithms measure audience demand and reveal content opportunities you may not have thought of. Their software helps aviation marketers just like you come up with great ideas more quickly. As stated on their website, they provide you with better data-informed content ideas in less than 5 minutes. You can’t beat that!

Graphic Design Tool

Need to make a quick graphic to go along with your blog post, but don’t have any photoshop skills? Don’t worry, we have the perfect tool to make you look like a graphic design pro! Canva is an aviation marketers dream come true! They help you easily create beautiful designs in seconds. You can design presentations, social media graphics, flyers and much more with thousands of beautiful layouts and photography. It has everything you need- millions of images, photo filters, icons & shapes, fonts- basically everything you need to look like a photoshop guru (without the photoshop program).

Amazing, right? I know, I know….”You’re welcome”. Now get back out there and start putting these tools to work for your aviation marketing plan, and if you need any help, contact us– we would love to chat!

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