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10 Tips For Marketing Facebook Posts

Now that you have your new business Facebook page set up, it’s time to start making posts to let viewers know what you’re all about. Here are 10 tips to help you market your Facebook posts and engage with your audience.

1. Know Your Audience

Figure out what types of posts your audience wants to see and when they are online. Timing your posts for when the majority of your audience is watching will be a learning experience.

2. Link Your Social Media

Encourage readers to learn more about your product and direct them to your website from your social media pages such as twitter, facebook, and instagram.

3. Make Sure Your Posts are Public

What’s the point in making a post if no one can see it. It is hard for people to find you if your posts and social media pages are private. Most people will not follow you if they can’t see and relate to your posts from the beginning.

4. Utilize Facebook Ads

Try a few different ad campaigns and see which ones work best for your business.

5. Graphics, Graphics, GRAPHICS!

Posts with graphics and videos attract over twice as much engagement than posts with just words.

6. Take Advantage of Trending Topics

That funny meme or video went viral for a reason. Use things that are trending such as topics and hashtags to reach more people.

7. Provide Unique Content

Show your readers what puts your product above the rest.

8. Boost Your Posts

Not everyone is online at the same time, so boosting your posts during hours that may not be ‘normal’ for your business can reach those that are online at that time!

9. Host Contests

Hold contests for discounted products to increase engagement and new customers will show interest.

10. Get Personal

Reply to comments and interact with customers to make them feel comfortable and seen. Create your emails to be personable.

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