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10 Steps To Improve Your SEO For Aviation Companies
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SEO for aviation companies – is it that difficult? Coming with a series of industry-specific challenges that marketers need to keep in mind during design and content development, SEO for aviation websites is NOT easy. In fact, SEO implies so many aspects that even experts face serious issues at times. How could an aviation service provider advertise his business and thrive? The answer is quite simple: by practicing White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO for Aviation Companies

White Hat SEO techniques can help any business be found online whenever prospective customers look for particular products or services. For a company to achieve the best results, White Hat SEO proposes certain practices relating to website analysis, keywords, link building, web design, content creation, and many more. Here are the top ten most important steps an aviation company should take in order to improve its position in SERPs (search engine results pages).

  1. Analyze Its Website – This is one of the most important things an aviation operator should do before implementing particular SEO practices. Does the website communicate with search engines efficiently? Is it both appealing and functional? Does it support advanced SEO processes? Should it be redesigned? The answers to these questions will indicate the changes that must be made to improve a website.
  2. Use Keywords/Key-phrases – Keywords and key-phrases are defined as terms relevant to the content of a web page. While words like “air charter service” and “aviation company” could help aviation operators improve their online presence along with conversion rates, terms like “airplane” and “flight” are not that relevant. To find the most appropriate keywords and key-phrases for a website, SEO specialists use special analytics software solutions.
  3. Customize Title and Meta Tags – While title tags indicate the uniqueness of a page along with its relevancy to search queries, “description” meta tags give potential visitors and search engines more information about web pages. For aviation sites with numerous web pages, special tools can be used to generate meta tags based on each page’s content.
  4. Add High-Quality Links – Using high-quality links is another strategy to improve SEO for aviation companies. To determine the quality of a website, most search engines analyze the web pages that link to the site in question. If numerous high-ranked web pages link to a website, they will give that site a higher rank.
  5. Improve Web Design – Poor logo design, pages overloaded with images or text, and unresponsive scripts are just a few elements that can kill a website. On the other side, professional images, responsive design, neutral color palettes, and easy-to-read fonts can help aviation operators make the most of their sites.
  6. Create Great Content – Unique, high-quality, fresh content added to websites on a regular basis represents an essential source for both offsite and onsite optimization. Blog posts, press releases, articles, and videos not only offer readers useful information; they also promote websites by making them search engine friendly.
  7. Make Use of Social Media – Social media is a great way to get new customers and drive repeat business through “word-of-mouth” marketing. As well, getting backlinks from the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, can help websites attract search engines’ attention.
  8. Use Local SEO – Local SEO is another way to improve SEO for aviation companies. An aviation company operating across specific geographies can use geo-targeting to attract local customers.
  9. Improve Usability – Using photos, charts, headlines, bullets, and text formatting (e.g. bolding and italics) improves website usability, allowing readers to scan content easily and quickly.
  10. Streamline Navigation – Most webmasters simplify website navigation by using CSS drop-downs and spreadsheets.

The bottom line? Improving SEO for aviation companies is an arduous task, which requires constant updates and monitoring. Yet, SEO is the most important element of online marketing. Without SEO, a website remains a digital lobby unable to drive visitors to the showroom. What does it mean to a business? Simply put, it means lots of prospects, but no sales, no revenue, and no profit.

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