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Marketing Thoughts

A Beginner’s Guide to Calculating ROI

According to Investopedia , ROI, or return on investment, is the ratio between the investment cost in a project over the profit you make from the investment. It is also a performance measure sured to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. If you want to assess the financial health of your budget, looking at an […]
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Choosing a Marketing Firm: A Vendor or A Partner?

  It’s common practice to outsource your marketing. Seeking marketing professionals is often a great idea. Outsourcing specific projects and tasks can allow businesses to tap into the resources that third-party marketers have access to. It’s usually more cost effective to hire third-party experts than it is to recruit, train, and develop a team from within. […]
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How Marketing for Your SaaS Business Differs From Marketing Traditional Businesses

When you’re marketing your SaaS company, forget (almost) everything you know about traditional marketing. There are some significant differences between SaaS and traditional marketing. Not only is the purchasing process different for your customers, but you’re selling something that’s intangible. You’re selling something to a highly specific, statistically small market – you’re targeting specific B2B […]
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