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Social Media Case Study

Whitworth Social Media Case Study

Project details

  • Whitworth Builders
  • 2015
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blog

Social Media Marketing

Whitworth Builders has been building new construction homes in the Northwest Florida area since 1964. Whitworth Builders’ social media did not represent the company. The marketing director researched to see if other builders were encountering the same issues. Much to his dismay he did not find many answers. That is when he began searching for a new company.


Lack of communication with their current agency.
Unclear strategy, and they weren't responding to fans.
Unable to prove ROI - was the social media presence worth it?


Whitworth's fan base was full of fake accounts; we cleaned the base and moved forward.
We met with Mr. Hoffman regularly, and all digital communications were approved before posting. He was fully involved in the strategy.
As the years progressed, we added blogging to the strategy.

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Social Media Case Study