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Triberr: Case Study Results

Amber Hadley Posted by Amber Hadley on September 25, 2018

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Last month, we decided to do a case study on the new social networking site called Triberr. We wanted to see if Triberr would be a good fit for us and our clients. The premise of Triberr is that it is a social sharing site where you join groups (called tribes) of users with similar interests and fields of expertise. You read and promote each others’ work through other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We thought that sounded like a great option for both us and our clients to boost blog posts and increase social media shares and interaction. While Triberr didn’t quite meet our expectations (we’ll get to that in a second), we did find a similar sharing site that showed promise. While we ran the Triberr trial, we also ran a trial with the social sharing platform Quuu Promote that showed some very promising results.

The results: Triberr

The major takeaway with Triberr was that it was a lot of work for not a ton of payoff. In order for Triberr to get you the results you want, you have to put a lot of effort and time into interacting with your tribes and communities. The more effort you put into interacting on Triberr, the more you’ll get shares and likes. We posted our blog to the tribes we had joined and requested that it be promoted. At first we got some shares on Twitter, but after two weeks the shares and likes evaporated. The shares we did get weren’t significantly more than what we see if we directly promoted a particular post using in-app promotion functions (such as on Facebook or Twitter).

We likely would have received more shares if we had spent a lot of time on the site interacting with our tribes. But we - like many of our clients - are already putting a significant amount of effort into many different platforms and are kept busy with other demands of our business, so finding the time to put into a new social media sharing site was difficult.

if you’re looking for a networking platform to get connected with other professionals in your field and find putting a lot of time interacting on a social platform, Triberr might be a great fit for you.

But for us and our needs, we found that Triberr wasn’t a great match.

The results: Quuu Promote

On the other hand, Quuu Promote quickly saw success with almost no effort. All we did was write the post, sign up, and hit promote. We ran into Quuu Promote while looking for alternatives to Triberr and signed up to their free month trial. If you want more information on the different uses of Quuu Promote, here’s a great video.

It’s only a few weeks into our one month trial but already we’ve seen easily surpassed what we saw the whole month with Triberr. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.30.36 AM

It’s a little on the pricey side, but using Quuu Promote is effortless and has incredible payoff.

Why is Quuu Promote more effective?

The power of Quuu Promote is in its audience curation. It uses broader algorithms than what you can get by promoting posts directly in platform like Twitter or Facebook.

When you select a post to promote, you feed the URL for the post you’re promoting into Quuu’s website. It then will automatically generate a post on each social media platform you have linked to Quuu.

Quuu allows you to edit the posts before it promotes them. Once you’ve approved and edited your post, you get to choose tags and categories to that will determine which audience your posts are promoted to.

This is where Quuu excels. They allow you to target people based on interest and niche. If your post is about container gardening, for example, you’ll want to select categories such as gardening, urban gardening, etc.

While Triberr promises a similar outcome - targeted promotion to a niche audience - it doesn’t quite have the impact that Quuu does. This is because with Triberr, your post’s success is based on how active members of your tribe are. With Quuu, it’s software that automatically gets your post in front of your target audience based on more fine-tuned algorithms.

At the end of the day, we found that Triberr doesn’t quite live up to its promise. While it can be effective, the amount of time spent promoting your content in your tribes is more effort than it’s worth. Especially for our clients who are smaller businesses or just starting out, Triberr is probably not the best option. But targeted promotion platforms that deliver do exist- as we found with Quuu.

Deciding on a promotion platform can be a big decision. Using the right platform will make a measurable difference in your social media marketing. Hopefully our experiment with Triberr - and Quuu Promote - will help you make the best decision for your needs.

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