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Triberr: A Case Study

Amber Hadley Posted by Amber Hadley on August 30, 2018


Does it really work_


You may have heard of Triberr - It’s a fairly new kid on the block social media sharing site, specifically for blogs. On its website, Triberr touts itself as a readership boosting site where you can join groups of like-minded bloggers - or tribes - who will share and promote your blog posts.

You form your tribes around similar interests and niche groups, such as beauty, family, or social media blogging, to name a few. Triberr is linked to Twitter and whenever you promote your blog post, the members of your tribe will post a link to your blog. But is it worth it? Does Triberr actually deliver on its promise to boost content shares?

Seeking answers: The experiment

We wanted to know if Triberr was something that could be useful for both the team at Captevrix and our clients. If it’s true that it’s a website that allows bloggers to boost content and make connections in their field, that seems like a great place to share our information.

So we set out to find answers. However, when we searched the Internet to find out if Triberr was all it was cracked up to be, we didn’t find much. There wasn’t a really clear consensus on whether or not Triberr delivers on its promises and if it’s a worthwhile venture .

That’s when we decided to do a test and find the answers on our own. This week, we’re going to write, publish, and promote and an article on Triberr. Once we’ve published our article, we’ll wait a week and then compare the metrics of our promoted Triberr article to the metrics of our other articles that are promoted traditionally through our normal means. Once we’ve compared the data, we’ll write a wrap-up post giving you the results and an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what Triberr is all about.

What we’re looking for

The biggest litmus test for if Triberr works will, of course, be increased views and clicks to our blog post. However, when writing blogs and using social media sharing platforms, there are other factors to consider.

Here is what else we’ll be looking for:

  • Total clicks and views generated from our post on Triberr
  • Overall shares and retweets
  • Is the interface easy to use?
  • Are the metrics easy to find and use?
  • Is there a benefit to going through Triberr rather than promoting posts on Twitter or other social media platforms?

So far, we’ve created an account and have requested to join several Tribes that focus on social media marketing and blogging. Here’s a peek at what the home account page for Triberr looks like:



So far, it’s a pretty standard dashboard. You can see what your potential reach is, how many tribemates you have, and how many tribes you’ve joined. We’ll post an updated look once we post our blog. The next step we took was finding tribes. By clicking on Tribes tab at the top navigation bar, we were able to search for relevant tribes to join or follow. Here’s what our search turned up:




Once you’ve joined or followed tribes, posts from the various members will show up in your feed - or stream, as they call it. Here, you can see the latest posts by members of your tribe and filter them by date, tribe, and subject. Your stream will look like this:



You can also sign up to get emails in your inbox from your tribes so you don’t miss anything important if you’re not on the website every day. Once you post a blog post, you can request your various tribes to promote it. We’ll go into more detail about this - including a step-by-step guide - next time when we report on how we post our blog. Promoting your blog post on Triberr will encourage your tribe members to Tweet or otherwise share your article. While Triberr’s main focus is Twitter, you can share posts on several social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Here, I practiced sharing content from a member of a tribe that I joined.

It was a fairly simple process once I opened up the post itself. Right now, the only scheduled share I have is on Twitter because that is the social media account I have linked. However, the same button will work using the other social media sharing sites. Once you’ve opened an article, you can follow individual authors and comment directly on the piece in Triberr. This particular article, I was able to edit the body of the Tweet and the Tweet led to the author’s website, not to the Triberr page. So far, it seems like sharing articles is easy to do and the interface seems user-friendly. We’ll keep you updated as we continue our case study on what Triberr is all about.

What to look for

The promise of a community of like-minded bloggers sharing and promoting each other’s content while also making connections in your field seems like a great deal. Triberr promises to be a great resource for us and our clients. So far, the interface and signup seems relatively easy to navigate, with similar features as most other social media sharing platforms. We hope that this works well and to see what happens as we embark on this live experiment in testing out Triberr. We’ll keep you updated as we discover just how much Triberr has to offer.

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