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Facebook's Updated Login And An Option For Anonymous Login

Aaron Dyess Posted by Aaron Dyess on May 4, 2014

Facebook recently announced a new version of their app which now will include anonymous login options.  Listening to people's concerns, Facebook introduced an anonymous login option to the app.  This gives people more choice on what personal information apps receive.  

This announcement by Facebook lets the user control exactly what information is shared with other Facebook apps. A few of the highlights of the new app are below:

  • Anonymous Login: An easy way for people to try an app without sharing any of their personal information from Facebook.
  • Facebook Login: A new version that gives people the option to pick and choose what information apps get.
  • A Redesigned App Control Panel: A central place for people to see and manage the apps they use.

Anonymous Login

The all-new login option allows users to login to facebook apps without sharing their personal information with those apps.  The apps will still get the benefit of Facebook Identity verification and cross-platform sync, and people can easily upgrade tot the full Facebook login experience later if desired.

"Last year, people logged into apps and websites with Facebook Login over 10 billion times, giving them a fast and easy way to sign in to apps without having to remember separate usernames and passwords.

Today we introduced a new version of Login. With the new Login, people can select the data an app gets by unchecking categories of information, one by one. For example, if someone wants to share their email address with an app, but not their birthday, they can make that choice with a couple taps."

Login Screen

When released, the new Facebook login also won't post to Facebook without permission.

Login Screen 2

Facebook has further indicated they will soon start reviewing new apps that use Facebook Login to ensure higher quality apps and that those same apps aren't posting anything to Facebook without the user's EXPLICIT permission.


 For more information source: full announcement.

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