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Facebook Privacy Mistakes

Aaron Dyess Posted by Aaron Dyess on May 3, 2014

Facebook-privacy-settingsFacebook is a wonderful way to keep up with your friends and loved ones. It is a means of sharing stories and pictures while also letting the world in on normal day-to-day  whereabouts. Facebook is also a tool for marketing, public relations and advertising. While Facebook is meant to be a positive and exciting tool, there can be times where it is abused. Many personal and business accounts make many common mistakes and don't realize how annoying, offensive and damaging it can be.

A major mistake made is assuming that what you post can only be seen by your friends. Many times individuals post a status and assume that their small group of friends will be the only people to see it, when really this is far from the truth. Facebook is all about sharing interests, so, if one of your friends "likes" your post, it is shown on their newsfeed and their friends see it. If one of their friends shares it, it is shown on their friend's newsfeeds also, and the pattern continues. As you can see a post can easily go viral. A good rule of thumb to follow when posting on Facebook is "if you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, don't post it." By keeping this in mind, users become more mindful about what they post, that way it doesn't matter if more than their Facebook friends can see it.

Businesses also make mistakes on Facebook and selecting the correct Facebook Privacy settings without even realizing it. Many businesses forget that Facebook has rules that pages must follow; such as not listing promotions in their cover photos. Another mistake commonly made by businesses is not responding to reviews, negative or positive. This can give customers the idea that the business doesn't value their opinion, which could lose potential clients. Businesses that clog newsfeeds and leave out important contact information on their profile also risk losing potential clients. Not being able to find business hours, phone number and location is very frustrating for clients and can lead them in another direction.

One of the biggest mistakes being made by a business is creating a profile instead of a page. If people are having to request being your friend, you're doing it incorrectly. If you are not sure, contact us!



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