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Facebook Media Specs for the Marketer: A Complete Guide

Amy Raymond Posted by Amy Raymond on August 6, 2019

Facebook Media Specs: A Complete Guide

Whether you’ve just offered to help get mom’s new Etsy shop a social media presence or you’re the assistant social media manager at Estée Lauder, there’s a good chance you’ve run into the universal social media graphics puzzle. You know: "Help! What are the dimensions of [insert Facebook media type here]?!”

We compiled a comprehensive guide to Facebook media specifications to help solve the age-old media sizing questions. Quickly knowing the correct dimensions and sizing information about your photos and videos keeps you ahead of your timeline and ensures the delivery of quality media to your audience, which will increase interactions and thus visibility. Dive in below!

Facebook Brand Awareness: General Uploading Guidelines

Facebook sees a huge amount of photo uploads every day. If you’re posting poor-quality or incorrectly-sized pictures, your post is sure to be passed over.


Facebook General Uploading Guidelines

Photos and GIFs

Facebook allows a maximum of 30 MB for photo uploads, though 5 MB or under is recommended as a maximum for load time purposes. GIFs should also stay under 5 MB. Facebook recommends dimensions of 1200 x 628.


The largest video size you can upload across Facebook is 1 GB. The absolute maximum is 1.75 GB and 45 minutes length - however, you must limit this file to a max bitrate of 8 mbps for 1080 HD and a max bitrate of 4 mbps for 720 HD. 

Unless you are creating a blockbuster film featuring your product as the world-saving protagonist, however, we recommend you keep your videos interesting, informative, and around 3 minutes (or under) in length. You will be hard pressed to exceed 1 GB if you stay around this length. If you're no stranger to browsing Facebook in between your daily activities, you may typically only spend a half hour or so looking around; so, make sure your videos are not taking up too much of your audience’s valuable time.

Check out Handbrake for fast, easy compressing of all your social media videos. This will help keep your video file sizes to a minimum. It’s safe, free, and easy to use! Some of the best photo editing software out there are free, like: GIMP, Canva, and Fotor. Of course, there’s always Photoshop, too, if it fits within your skill set and budget.

Your Business Profile, Wall, and Mobile Stories

There are tons of new profiles added to Facebook all the time. Make sure yours stands out! The wall photo image is recommended to be 820 x 312 pixels. You can also use a video for your wall photo, or even a 360-degree panorama.

Facebook Profile, Wall, Mobile Stories Specs

Facebook Mobile Stories

Before we move on, a little bit more about stories. Stories can only be shared through the Facebook mobile app, but they are a great way to get attention on your service or product.

How to Post a Story

First, tap the + icon next to your profile image. Then, click “create story.” Capture what you want to share, and then choose “next.” Click “Your Page’s Story,” and your photo or video will be automatically published to the stories timeline in your follower’s feeds.

How to Post A Facebook Mobile Story


Facebook Ads Across Desktop and Mobile

Ads are an exciting way to reach your audience. From catalogs to carousels, dig in below to learn more about what Facebook recommends.

Facebook Ad Dimensions on Desktop and Mobile

Facebook Image Ads

Facebook Image Ad Specs

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ad Specs

Facebook Carousel, Dynamic Product, Offer Claim, and Canvas Ads

Facebook Carousel, Dynamic, Product, Offer, Claim, Canvas Ads

Facebook Catalog and Collection Ads

Facebook Catalog and Collection Ads

So, the next time you hear your co-worker shout from down the hall in between sips of coffee, "how big should the Facebook wall photo be again?!", just send them a link to this blog. We hope you found it helpful - if you have any questions about Facebook media, specifications, or more, drop us a line and we'll be happy to help!

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