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Facebook Creator Studio and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Amy Raymond Posted by Amy Raymond on October 7, 2019

Facebook Creator Studio and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Attention! Facebook Creator Studio now allows you to schedule Instagram and IGTV content for up to six months in advance! The feature was highly requested by marketers and Facebook has finally granted the wish.

All businesses are eligible to use the new features provided by the Creator Studio. Inside the studio, you can draft and edit your posts, crop photos, and add tags and locations. You’ll need to have an Instagram Business account that is connected to a Facebook page. If you don’t yet, here are Instagram’s instructions on how to do this.

Exploring the Interface

If you do have your Instagram business account connected to a Facebook page, go to this link: Facebook Creator Studio. You’ll see at the top of your account that you now have a small tab for Instagram with a message window reading “you can now connect your Instagram account.” Simply click the Instagram tab and you’ll be shown your Instagram publishing interface within Creator Studio.

Example: Toggling to Instagram Interface


To navigate between accounts, click the drop-down arrow next to “All Accounts.”

Example: Navigating Between Accounts

Content Navigation Menu

Just under the location title (“Content Library > Posts”) you’ll find the main content navigation menu for the account you’ve selected. Here, you can display all content, or choose only video, photo, carousel, stories, or IGTV to be displayed.

Example: Content Library Menu

Each post entry displays a thumbnail of your media; a snippet of your post’s text; the post status; the date and time the post was published; and even how many likes and comments the post has received.

Below the main content navigation menu, you can choose to sort posts by status and date posted. There’s also a handy search feature that will return queries related to your posts’ text.

To the left of each thumbnail, you’ll find a checkbox. Click this, and you’ll then be able to view an individual post by clicking the “view post” button that appears once you toggle the checkbox on.

A fly-out menu will appear from the right and will show you a larger image of your post media, the post text, interactions, profile visits, the number of accounts your post reached, follows, impressions, and more. You can also click the “go to post” button at the bottom right (next to the blue “done” button) to open the post on Instagram. 

Left Navigation Menu

To the left of your content display is a navigation menu containing, in addition to the content library that we just explored, two more menu items. The first is Insights, and the second is Instagram Accounts. Instagram Accounts is where you can add more accounts to your Creator Studio interface. Insights is where the fun part lies - all your analytics for your account live here.

Example: Left Navigation Menu

Click “Insights,” choose an account, and dive into your analytics. You’ll be able to see overall account analytics from the past 7 days such as actions (website visits; profile visits; calls; texts; emails; ‘get directions’), your reach, and your impressions.

Posting to Instagram in Creator Studio

Now for the good stuff: Posting content through the Creator Studio! The big blue button at the top right labeled “create post” is where you should begin. 

Example: Creating a Post

Once you click that button, a drop-down will appear with two choices: Instagram Feed or IGTV. Decide which you’d like to post to, and click that to choose it. A fly-out menu will appear at the right asking you to choose which account you’d like to post to. Choose which one you’re planning on posting for.

Example: Post to Instagram

A second fly-out menu appears! Here, you can walk through the steps to creating your first post in the Creator Studio. In the “post to Instagram” fly-out, you can add your caption, location, and media. You can crop your images here, and add tags as well. Start by typing the @ symbol in the “write your caption” section. Begin typing an account name after that and your tag will appear. The IGTV menu is very similar and just as self-explanatory, expect of course you’ll be uploading videos here.

This run-down should get you all set up to start creating and scheduling your Instagram posts through the Creator Studio! If you need assistance getting started, just let us know!

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