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Facebook Abandons Automatically Posted Stories

Aaron Dyess Posted by Aaron Dyess on May 28, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg had a dream where everything you do, every place you visit, everything you eat would be shared to Facebook in real time.  This dream has now reached a realization that it is just not going to happen.  While people are naturally curious, through years of trial and tribulation, Facebook discovered that the auto-posting apps like Instagram, Farmville, etc.  were being marked as spam by users.  Facebook started showing these stories less and less with their ever changing algorithm and users marking stories as spam was reduced by 75%.



social_networkingFacebook is now moving to make the users news stream more relevant.  With last weeks revocation of Instagram's auto posting feature, there are more to come.  This means that a user must explicitly select to share on Facebook if they so desire.  They recently announced plans for other apps like Pinterest, Farmville, Spotify are going to show up less and less in a users feed.

This all falls on the heels of the introduction of Open Graph in 2012.  Open Graph was envisioned as a new standard for easily posting what you were doing.  Many large companies were early adopters, such as the Washington Post.  When a user read a story it automatically shared it to their feed.

Facebook is now discouraging app developers from adding auto posting to their apps at all.  Instead they are encouraging tactics discussed here for increasing your Facebook Reach.

I'm sure many will be pleased with this adaptation of Facebook.  I don't know about you, but I find it fairly annoying when stories are posted on my timeline inadvertently and automatically.

At this time, however, Facebook has no plans to remove auto-posting, but this announcement is putting developers on notice that the auto-posts aren't going to grow their user base as it once did.  Facebook plans on giving these posts so little relevance they're not even going to show often in a users feed.

We watch Facebook change and adapt on a daily basis and I'm sure there are more changes to come from this.  See our story on Facebook Anonymous Login for more latest news.


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