Intern at Captevrix

Captevrix specializes in Inbound marketing and that is what our interns learn about and practice. Our interns become Inbound and Hubspot certified within their first week of training. As an intern, you will:

  • Write updates for social media.
  • Analyze copy for blogs
  • Learn how to design landing pages in various platforms
  • Create email campaigns
  • Write Copy
  • Learn the elements of a successful marketing campaign

Our internships are unpaid, but offer the opportunity for hands-on marketing experience, and in some cases, college credit. That is a sample of what you will do, and there's always more. We can make your internship match your passions and abilities.

Here is what you WON'T do: Get us coffee, pick up our dry cleaning, or be micromanaged (we are all adults).

We are all adults therefore we expect our interns to treat this as a real job, not just something you have to do to graduate. And like a real job, if you can't come to work on time, make a habit of repeatedly calling in sick (we can pick up a hangover call a mile away) not showing a desire to learn and spread your wings - then you will be removed from the program. With all that said, we also like to have fun and get the job done, and done right.


First week you are responsible for becoming Inbound and Hubspot certified. This is a must - we provide the courses and test at no cost to you. Your certifications go with you and should be listed on your resume. 


  • Must have the desire to learn
  • Must love change
  • Must love technology
  • Basic knowledge of how social media, blogs, landing pages, emails work.
  • Must provide writing samples - even our designers have to be decent writers
  • Experience in writing advertising copy
  • Preferred - Adobe Creative Suite, Content Managed Websites, Website Copy, Website Building, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing

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