Detailed Reporting

Analyze your success to ensure a return on your investment

Reporting is the single most important piece of the inbound marketing puzzle. Without these highly detailed, yet easy to understand reports, you have no idea where your campaign is . You need to see the results of your investment. You need to determine if your company's money is being spent in the right place. After all, investing in marketing that doesn't produce results is absolutely not effective at increasing your bottom line!

When we partner with companies we work with them to find out what Key Performance Indicators are valuable to their success. We analyze your account's reporting on a regular basis and generate highly intuitive, yet easy to read and understand reports that really show how you are doing.

These reports are inclusive of all online marketing efforts we utilize in your marketing campaign.

Some key metrics we use in preparing your reports:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Pinterest Insights
  • LinkedIn Statistics
  • Youtube and Google + Statistics
  • And most importantly, your HubSpot reporting (if applicable)

We can provide weekly, monthly or on request reports. We'll work with you to ensure they contain exactly what you need and are wanting to see.

In the end, they can still be slightly technical. If you just don't quite understand something, let us know and one of our highly skilled marketing analysts will work with you to ensure you understand them.

Reporting Examples


Marketing Performance

Hubspot graphs detail website visits, contacts, and customers.


Social Media Engagement

Statistics for every social media network, tracking engagement over time.


Audience Demographics

Know your audience with graphs and charts indicating who is engaging with your company.